Southern Hemisphere Troubles

is that the mix you used?

heres the plant.

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Got a diagnosis @Slayer880?

Transplant shock. Give it a few days to recover, what sort of feeding schedule will you be working too? I don’t think it would be harmful to start that now at mayb 1/4 strength or 1/2 strength. But I’d say that after such a big transplant that’s why she’s not looking too happy!

If anything that yellowing your seeing woul point more towards a nitrogen deficiency. Dark green leaves point towards a nitrogen excess

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Ok. Cause i was just doing some more research thought it could be deficient. Gave it 1/2 strength of jobes organic 5-2-3.

Hoping to get to Peterson’s 20-20-20.

Normally give nutes about every 2 weeks.

Thanks @Slayer880. Im trying not to freak out! Lol

If its not doing better bt Wed night, I’ll use a dilute solution of Peterson’s 20-20-20.

Algood bro. My technical knowledge is pretty limited. My standard grow technique is done during the hours of night out in the bush :joy: I usually prep an area during late winter with a bit of lime and sheep shit than when plants are ready for the outdoors it’s throw a bit of nitraphoska fertiliser in the bottom of the hole and leave them for a month check and repeat. When I see signs of preflower I dump some potash on the surface and water in.than wait until harvest. It’s pretty crude but beats getting caught growing​:+1:. I’m Trying to soak up more of the technical stuff as I’ve started an indoor grow. I use CANNA Nutrients in a general potting mix like yours, I’ve heard a lot of people say a potting mix should sustain plants ( tomatoes, house plants etc) for Upto 60-90 days, obviously we want the most out of our girls so we feed them a bit to what they can handle ie they start showing signs of nutrient excess! I’m unfamiliar with the nutrients your talking about, but it might pay to invest in something that’s designed for cannabis. My feeding schedule is .water. water. feed. water. water. feed… I like to water until there’s 10-15% runoff to ensure there are no dry pockets forming in the soil. Once or twice a grow I even fully submerge my plants roots in a bigger bucket of water and wait for all the bubbles to stop rising to the surface to ensure no dry pockets! That’s just me tho I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this. And I wait until the soil is dry until 1-2 inches below surface befor each watering/feed. Hope I’m not losing you but I figured it’s easier to write one big post hahahaha


Yellowing leaves fell during the night but the rest doesnt look to bad. Gonna hold off on any more nutes for a while. Wanting to see some significant new growth. How often do you water yours?

Indoors I water when I can’t find any wet looking soil 1.5-2 inches below the surface. Or when she starts to droop hahaha but it’s better to let it be dry than to water too often


Canna nutrients? Is that a brand name? Where can i get these nutrients?

I found some canna nutrients. Which line would you use for an outdoor soil grow? Terra vega and terra flores? Or the coco line? Thanks @Slayer880.

I’m using the terra range. I use the pk 13/14.rhizotonic. Cannazyme and at the moment I’m using the boost because I’m mid flower. The rhizo is an awesome product well worth using

@Drillbit, I loosely follow their feeding schedule which you can find on their website. It helps for a guide. But I also stage up the PPM per feed by roughly 150-200 ppm and closely watch the plants. I have a bluelab truncheon to read ppm which never misses a beat

seeing new growth!!:grinning: