Southern Cali - 8 Weeks Outdoors (Pictures)

I started with 8 feminized seeds from ILGM seeds, lost 1. I planted directly outdoors

Here are 2 pictures after 8 week. My grow mix is Miracle Grow from HomeDepot. I threw in some perlite and a few bags of earthworm casing. I was using Fox Farm Tiger Bloom starting week 4 but ran out and switched to Miracle Grow feritilizer (I had about 5 lbs of the stuff in my garage). I plan on a harvest late September or so about 25-30 weeks total grow time. My past yields are OK at about 4-6 oz of dried bud per plant

but with 8 plants it is way more weed than I can consume.

In Southern Cali it never rains in the summer and almost everyday is 100% sunshine (75-90 degrees). I water every other day.

Happy growing


Il be watching bro … what strains?

Really nice knocking it out of the park with MG


It was ILGM Sweet Mix pack. Gelato, Sunset Sherbert and something that starts with a Z.

Looking good!


I know most folks here are not big on MG but for whatever reason I seem to have decent luck. I used some FF in the past that also did very well. I went with MG because its cheap and HomeDepot has a yard full of the stuff. Next year I’m thinking about planting half in MG and the remainder in FF and using MG and FF fertilizer, respectively.

Are you growing this season?

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Beautiful gals uou have. Gonna keep my eyes on you.


There’s a few growers who use MG and do well will follow along