Southern Africa - New to ILGM

Hey All,
New to ILGM…and a big shout out to the team from the shop for the successful delivery of my pips (it was an anxious 20 day wait).
I live north of South Africa (between equator & tropics) and have gone to great lengths to receive my first order of seeds from the genuine team at ILGM.
Anyone with any advice on indoor and outdoor organic soil grows from similar areas/longitudes/latitudes - pse be friendly and feel free to pass advice and or suggestions :wink:

Have done a handful of indoor/outdoor organic grows/plants in the past with local seeds but will keep u updated as we go along, on the progress with these special beauties from the shop : Gold ; BB ; GSCE ; Blue Dream & Cali Dream

So happy to have found ILGM and the great people of this forum


Welcome to Ilgm my friend, congratulations on your seeds arriving!
They’re plenty of people here that are here to help,.
We used to have another brother from Africa, @skinnieboi10 I believe it was but haven’t heard nothing in a while
Anyways good luck brother

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Welcome to ilgm and congrats on your delivery from Massachusetts USA!

If you’d like to do a grow journal so we can all tag along that would be great!


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Welcome to the play ground @Babwe-Buds
@Nug-bug I think he harvested didn’t he ? But yeah haven’t seen @skinnieboi10 I’m a minute
I grow indoors and outdoors but not in that zone your in bro
If I can be of any help tag me
Happy growing and great looking plant in picture above :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face: CB

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Loving the strain that’s a sexy plant :heart_eyes: Good to see you feel at home with our crowd Welcome