Southeastern NC what is my climate

Climate drop down list does not show subtropical so what do I choose need this for outdoor grow

This may not help much, but I’m in roughly the same USDA zone…Zone 7b/8a.
Back in the day, I grew outside only and I never had problems growing any strain. However, there are waaay more strains available today.

Basically, indica or sativa will grow well in my area. Dealing with the high humidity, insects, whitetail deer, and the LE helicopters was enough to worry about.

If I were shopping for an outdoor grow, I’d just opt for something that ends to be mold resistant.


I second this. We see a lot of outdoor growers with mold problems around harvest time every year.


My current location and Humidity is the killer here and can push the temp index into 100 plus. Agree with :point_up_2:


A nice sativa strain something that can handle hot weather and a little colder weather


I’ve grown Sebring seeds revenge f4 CBD strain it is super resilient to everything lol. I had plants all around it touching weaved in-between branches and not a sign of any issues beside the foxtailing. I mean the plants around it were covered on wpm and not a spec one on the Sebring plant. Had my mind boggled cuz of I put any other plant in that room within 2 or 3 days if see the wpm start forming on the fans but never once on the Sebring. Weird. Grew like a beast and got a bit over 19 oz from it this was indoor grown but still super resilient to everything it came in contact with.