South texas grow

From a fellow grower:

Keep hearing about bud rot and cold wet climates. What about if you have hot humid south Texas weather where will be growing in 85-90DEGREE TEMPS AND 75-85% HUMIDITY. Will have shade cloth to cover plants during the heat of the day but plants will have sun from 600am till 1200 then again from 3pm till about 8 pm. Now with the humidity problems I do keep a good song shop fan going to keep air moving so that no stale or stagnant air occurs. also we have serious winds on avg in Summer will be 15-20mph all day everyday. … Is humidity and heat give the same problems that cold wet conditions do.

High humidity towards end of flowering is an issue hot or not and yes airflow does help though they do have strains for almost every climate the shade cloth concerns me but I assume it would be loose weave and airflow would be unhindered?

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read this for some info…