South Florida 2020

Hello, this is part of my garden. I purchased the Premium Mix pack. Germinated 5-15-2020. Dug holes and filled with Fox Farm soil. Planted in ground 6-5-2020.
Tomorrow makes 6 weeks in ground. Are these small? The fencing is 4’.
Also, some appear to be in the beginning stage of flowering? It is above 90 nearly every day right now.
One of them is a weird coloring on leaves. I posted in nutrient forum and just waiting for someone that may know to respond.


I gave my neighbor seeds and he popped them on the same day and they are about the same size as yours. We get the same temps as you down in Florida with the humidity. What kind of water are you using to water and Ph level? Any nutes?

How far down did you put soil and wide? I know Florida soil can be sandy and salty and those holes look small. I would say they look healthy. that one with the funny discoloring Is probably an expert :nerd_face:question so that’s why I ask about the holes. It could be lack of nitrogen if salty soil is getting to the roots.

Not to freak you out, but this is an incredibly conspicuous garden in a state where growing is a felony. I’m assuming this is on your property. Is that a sidewalk we can see through the trees? If they don’t reek yet, they will come September. I’d love to talk about building soil and all that, but I don’t want to encourage you to do something that could result in a prison sentence. Let me be clear, I don’t think it should be illegal for anyone to cultivate their own cannabis plants, but that doesn’t change reality that it is illegal. Ask anyone who’s experienced the carceral system, and they’ll tell you it isn’t worth it.

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There is a nutrient chart for that. There’s another thread or google Jorge Cervantes nute chart. The one link shows a couple of charts… I’m thinking magnesium or iron def it could be in the late stage progression.

I looked at may of those charts and can’t seem to figure out if it those.

It’s def mag. Gets some cal and mag supplement going.

I’ve asked several questions looking for help with only one honest response.
I am doing my best with my first time. I got cancer and figured I’d grow my own.
I’ve lost half or more of my garden to bud rot and didn’t know what to do.
We’ve had quite a lot of rain and the humidity brings heavy dew throughout the nights.
I have been covering them when it rains and at night hoping this will help. I’ve also put an oscillating fan out there to keep air flow.
I’m really bummed because my yield is so small in comparison with what I’ve seen in here. Almost embarrassing.
What I do have though is really nice.
I just don’t know how much longer I need to wait until completely harvesting them?
This is Cali dream.

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I don’t know the Florida weather too well, but maybe you could grow autoflowering plants next round in order to harvest before the rainiest/humid season, grow indoors, or seek out a cultivar that deals with a tropical climate without rot.

Covering the plants up might actually be doing more harm than good, since dew is exuded by the plant. With unlimited fresh air, they might do better.

Keeping an “umbrella” over their heads isn’t a bad idea, so long as there’s plenty of airflow.

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That’s a shame about the bud rot but humidity will encourage the rot. I’m not sure how thick your canopy is but a defoliation mid way veg and then 3 weeks into flower can also help with air flow into the plants. Everyone’s first grow is always an adventure. I understand you have cancer and need the medicine so any loss of crop is tough. Focus all your effort into making what you got left the best it can be. Post a full pic of the plant.