South Carolina; Head of Dept. of Education calls for the legalization


…Of Cannabis; In order to raise the tax revenues, and pay all monies to education. We are on our way!

Won’t be long!


The next thing you know; Farms will be thriving again with flourishing fields of Hemp! You heard it here! Peace.lw


End The War On Drugs, Says a new report endorsed by 5 Nobel Prize-Winning Economists!


Thanks for sharing this article MacG! :smile:


“The pursuit of a militarized and enforcement-led global ‘war on drugs’ strategy has produced enormous negative outcomes and collateral damage,” says the 82-page report. “These include mass incarceration in the US, highly repressive policies in Asia, vast corruption and political destabilization in Afghanistan and West Africa, immense violence in Latin America, an HIV epidemic in Russia, an acute global shortage of pain medication and the propagation of systematic human rights abuses around the world.”

Thanks for posting the article. I copied the paragraph above … thought it was right on the money! I live in Virginia and the laws here are horrible and ridiculous. 1st time offense for cultivating is five years and a stiff fine. I particularly agreed with the last sentence in that paragraph. Managing chronic pain would be so much easier if cannabis was legalized at the federal level … trying to get pain meds is it’s own nightmare these days.


May I ask would you know of any new news by chance? In SC?


Nothing new/. Typical SC. SC axctually was about to have MMJ in the 80’s but Carter had to flip from Pro MJ to Drug War due to Cocaine.