South Aussie ILGM Bruce Banner

Returning to the grow corner after a couple of seasons of helping some mates grow.

Early stages of this grow is missing photographs… just haven’t been arsed to document this one via photos. Probably because I find vegetative growth boring :wink:

BB germinated from soil on 25/10/21 in a 3L plastic grow pot on the window sill of my shed.

Soil consists of a mix of commercially available high quality potting mix and formulated tomato/veg soil.

All water is obtained from my 2000L pond and is watered daily in the evening. PH 6.5.

Week 4 - she was topped once at the third true node

Week 5 - transplanted to a 53L pot then banished outside to the corner.
Yellow sticky insect traps used to monitor and trap insect burden. First weekly spray of eco oil used as insect prevention.

Week 8 - 10g Complete D fertiliser added to top of soil.

During veg she is trained open to allow sunlight penetration and to setup for flower using small bamboo stakes.

Week 11-12 - main colas opened and tied down via bricks at ground level.

Week 13- Last week of veg had seen some pretty surprising stretch.
Noted ants using tie downs for access to the plant. Fixed with some ant powder.

First week of flower commenced 25/1/22
Bio-oil regime stopped.
Stems that weren’t going to yield anything worth trimming were removed.

Day 1 Flower - Flairform Greendream Bloom ferts started at 1/4 dose alternating days.
Soil amended with worm castings and Whoflungdung mulch.

16/1/22 -

21/1/22 -

26/1/22 -

31/1/22 - Found what looks to be False chinch bugs on the plant - monitoring for now.


Looking good!!

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Its a nice looking plant u must be down Canberra where its legal to grow

Good Morning :blush: Your lady is looking good!! Happy Growing :blush::v:
I’m out of likes so here ya go :heart::heart::heart:

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Thanks. Location isn’t important. Just admire these great plants :heart:

:heart::heart::heart: Thankyou

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Its ok bro im in
Oz aswell


Well I’ve named her Betty - Bruce Banners first love interest.
The way she is growing probably mine in quite some time…

It’s getting a little worrying now as I didn’t consider this much height from this strain albeit I am usually more on top of training my girls.
A couple more inches of height and she could be in public sight if I’m not too careful. Will have to sort that asap this weekend.

Tomorrow we’ll be at 50% of the recommended bloom concentration of ferts. Will see how she responds after a week and maybe increase it more.

I feel the bug of growing setting in. It’s sparking more eagerness to actually do a first indoor grow.
I’ve had a 5x5 gorilla grow tent with extension kit in the shed for almost two years sitting in its box. I think it’s almost time to cut my teeth on it.
Will have to ponder it some more. Itl be an indoor shed grow so definitely not a summer grow.
Would have to be budget conscious to. No fancy automated stuff. Just bring the outdoors indoors…

Let’s see if Betty can rekindle an old flame…

First spray of the 50% bloom

Had to trim this fan leaf for shading but also had to keep the spidey and pups. Ecology is important with any grow wether it’s in your soil or in the environment.

That was quick

5wk (+1d in flower on the last couple pics)

Have a couple small caterpillars but havnt managed to find them at this stage.

I’m considering moving a couple praying mantises to that section of the plant to see if they can do a better job at finding them.
I’m hesitant as I don’t want to leave that side of the plant with no predatory insects, perhaps there’s a food source if they aren’t migrating to other areas :man_shrugging:t2:

Also, any useful tips for a tent grow in a shed let me know or flick me some links. Will be getting the 5x5 running over winter as I think the shed conditions would be most favourable.

Went away for 3days to find the lady partially collapsed. She’s getting heavy and sticky!
A few extra ties have fixed her up.
Moved praying mantises around seems to have helped the insect issue while I was gone.
We are now at 6w 6d in flower

Few random pics now 9.2wks into flower. Just waiting for some amber to finish up.