Sous-V Gift Saves: " Christmas Cannabis".!

For your Entertainment !!

So… Big Cold Storm Hits Upstate NY

Worried about Power Failures… But Power Hangs in there…

Busy time… A few days between checking the “Gal’s”…

Its OK… Grow Room take care of its self…

Christmas Eve Quick Check … Somethings not right… See “Stunted” growth Happening !!

Water Reservoir @ 49F… !!! Heater Failed!! !!

Santa Please Help !!

Have to open that ONE special wrapped gift under the tree!!

A Sous-V cook set-up…!!!

“Christmas Cannabis SAVED !!”

Happy Holidays… Happy New Year…


Quick thinking saves the day.
Now, was it a gift to you, your gift to someone, or your gift to yourself?
I am a fan of gifting to oneself. No returns


I love stories with a happy ending lol :smiley:

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We were involved in that power outage, last time I worried and had the generator in place, this time had a feeling so just hooked up power out from 10am to 430pm not like others. I was able to run my rooms, and pellet stove, maintained like nothing happened. I guess Im fortunate. 2 inches of snow.

And the Christmas Story Only Gets Better

Thirty Days Later…

Its time for Flowering Stage to Begin. 12/12

And One More for Good Luck…

Be Back in 45-60 Days. !!