Source turbo or Vacuum still

Which is the better alternative. In other words which will do a better job source turbo or a closed loop vacuum still.
On anouther note anyone built a source turbo.
I know I can build the still.
Making Qwet.

@Covertgrower u have the still kind how bout the source. Any ideas on the 2 I know the one is super expensive but gives great product. @MattyBear uses the source and so does @AfgVet @Caligurl @blackthumbbetty I believe does also. Gonna follow this to see as I have about 2 lbs of fresh frozen and dry frozen trim and larf buds to extract in some way. Lol. Might get me a source. Ow u mention it. Wife can use that and make the stuff then also. And recommendations on if they have a bigger or smaller versions of them. And has anyone used the weedryer I believe it’s called like a fridge u put the fresh stuff in and it’s like a dehydrator I believe dries and cures in it all together supposed to be able to control the rh and temps in it I believe.

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@Newt may also be able to throw in his 2c as i know he has just bought a Source Turbo


I love my Source. It does a great job. But remember, all that it does is evaporate and recover most of the alcohol you used for an alcohol extraction. You still have to do the extraction, and the filtration - and your final product is a result of the extraction and filtration processes. You can evap the alcohol many ways, including open air.

The magic of the source is that it draws a vacuum inside that allows the alcohol to “boil” off at a low enough temperature to be effective in a fairly short time.


Is this using butane extraction method?

I get that vacuum lowers the boiling point of anything in it. The part I don’t see good pictures of is how the alcohol gets to the outside container. I know there is ice in the top to cool the steam. What I can’t see in the pictures I look at is the flow pattern. Seems to me if the ice container is shaped like a bowl sitting upright the cooled alcohol would drip back to the same place is came from center container. I know it doesn’t I just don’t know how it doesn’t. If I could see everything to it’s 100 percent shape maybe I could build it.
Vacuum stills work the same just don’t know how efficient they are.

No alcohol. The cold qwet way. 190 proof everclear. I want to recover the alcohol.

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The extract sits in a crucible that is surrounded by glass. The alcohol collects on the lid, and drips down the sides into the collection chamber which surrounds the crucible. This may help:

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I think the science behind it has to do with the surface tension of the alcohol droplets once it gets to the lid. Some may drip back into the crucible, but the majority of the alcohol forms small rivulets from the lid to the sides, and it drips down the sides. Anything that drips back into the crucible would just get evaporated a 2nd time.

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Does the crucible come out.

Can you post pictures of evey component separately. With maybe more than 1 angle of it.

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I can. But it will be a bit. Also of note is that the lid is sloped to one side. More to come.

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OK. Didn’t take that long. :wink:

This is the lid (shown upside down so you can see the tilt)

This is the crucible into which your extract goes:

This is the base of the unit:

This is the alcohol collection bin:

Bin on the base:

Bin on base with crucible installed (it screws on):

Lid on (you can see the tilt):

With ice tray on top (i use blue ice in mine):

Please excuse Mrs. Newt’s quilting stuff.


Look YouTube there is a guy who breaks down how to use it set it ect and how it works. They show him extract a bit but in a timelaose. Skips lots of the process but gives u the info ur prolly looking for.


Thank you I think I have it figured out. That lid tilt is important.
I can see the vacuum fitting in the base. How is it routed so it does not suck the alcohol out.

I honestly don’t know. But it doesn’t.


I think the threaded part is the heater and the 4 holes around r the vac part. So the vac holes line up to work outside the pot to pull the vapors up to the lid as they warm. The colder u keep the top the better it is they say creates more valorizing to happen. And what the hell is blue ice lmao. All my ice is clear or milky looking. Lmao. Depends how it freezes.

Does it have any rubber or soft material on the lid to make the seal to the top of the alcohol collection vessel.

So far I’m thinking a large flask with a hole cut in the bottom. Another smaller flask with a smaller hole cut in bottom. Both glass of course. Epoxy the two together. A large stainless steel bolt with a hole drilled threw its bottom. Incert a heating element in the hole. Attach a heat controller. Make a crucible out of stainles steel with a hole in the bottom threaded for the bolt. Drill a hole in the side of outer flask at three quarter up piont. Attach a fitting in hole for vacuum pump to Attach to. A pressure or torr controller attached to vacuum pump.
Still thinking on lid. I do know I’m thinking thermoelectric cooling plate so no ice is needed.

Those little plastic wraped ice cubes. They are like ice packs.
Just smaller.

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I think this this is the vacuum port. Just don’t see how it routes thru the vessel. Doesn’t matter I would have to have a separate vacuum pump anyway. Would route it toward the top with a ledge over the top so it doesn’t suck any alcohol.

Yes, the black you see on the lid is pliable and rubber like. Not sure if it is actual rubber or some synthetic.

I think what yoh are pointing to is an interlock switch that prevents the unit from operating without the alcohol collection bin. The bin covers that with no connection.