Sour Space Candy CBD

Hello, I am growing a sour space candy CBD plant. The seed came from a bag of this I bought. It has up to 20% CBD, however it only has 0.3% THC which makes it a hemp and legal to buy in the USA. I gave this stuff I try before I made the choice to start growing my own stuff just to see if it was worth it. Now to be clear you will not get high off this, but the effect of the CBD in it was nice. I decided to grow this one because I found a few people here in the forums who prefer CBD dominate plants and thought they might enjoy this and I wanted to see how a hemp plant will differ from its THC cousin. My information on this plant is limited I do know that its a cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry. The plant is almost 5 weeks old now and here is my setup.
2x4x5 Tent with 2 HLG 100V2 3000k lights (sharing space with a amnesia haze plant in tent as well)
6 inch fan to move air around
6 inch exhaust fan with carbon filter
plant is in a 7 gallon plastic container
soil is walmart brand soil aka the cheap stuff

Now the only photo I can find of sour space candy in flowering is the following picture it is not my plant.

Now here are a few pictures of my plant right now.

I will update this post at least once a week.


If you want a good CBD strain its G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD. You get a head high before the body high. It will even take Cancer pain away. My buddy has less than two months and its all over his body. He didn’t get a head high. I do.

And CBD plant with those stats is still Marijuana. If its not a actual hemp strain.


I just tried some myself and it’s great for pain. Myself and my daughter have been impressed. I actually smoke a lot less weed now. Lol. I don’t plan to grow as space I dedicate to thc. I will just buy it for now but I am saving seeds for outdoors next year.

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I’m set to watching brother. Gonna tag along :+1:

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Yup im tuned and watching myself. Best of luck. CBDs have definitely started to work their way into my future rotations. I need the THC input tho.

Damn sweet to find some actual HEMP that has proven high cbds. Id tempt growing that outdoors with minimal fear.


@repins12 @PurpNGold74 Thanks for tagging along for this. I also have two white widow cbg hemp seeds at about 16%cbg/0.3%thc. I would be willing to try those out next if enough people where interested.

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Just flipped the switch to start flowering in the tent. The sour space candy is doing very good up to this point. So far from what I have seen this plant does not look like it will grow tall, it gives the impression of being a short bushy plant. I have also noticed if I rub my fingers along a branch I get the smell of allspice which is quite nice.


Looking good brother :+1: :v:

Time for an update. Just got home from work and took a look at my sour space candy and wow did it put on some growth since this morning when I left for work.

However as I was looking the plant over I found something I didn’t want to see…pollen sacks, I got a male.

So I guess I will be cutting this grow journal short much like this plant. At least the seed cost me nothing.

Damn that sucks brother

I am not going to cry over it, just gives me room to grow another blackberry kush instead.

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Awesome, on to plan B :+1: :v:

Need to use up the seeds I got on hand right now before I use my 10 extra seed coupon.

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Gotcha, I have way too many on hand. I guess that is a good thing but makes it hard to justify getting more :+1: :v:

Well right now I am not sure what to do with my coupon. White widow and white widow auto is on sale buy 10 get 10 free. So I could get 20 seeds for free as long as I buy a min. $79 5-pack of seeds.

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Dammit man… that pollen would be GOLDEN though

To be honest the thought of trying to make my own cross breeds with its pollen did cross my mind but since I only grow a few plants at a time I decided not to.


I can send you seeds. Found some in a order.

Lmao. Thanks man. Inquiring minds want to know what u found. My own honesty with my seed hoarding habits scream runaway,… no need to send. But awesome to know u offered