Sour O.G. Bag Seed

Ok guys, I got a new strain going in my veg tent. She’s in her own DWC bucket and will hopefully explode with growth in the next two weeks!

I went to my friends house a couple weeks ago. He’s a pot head like me, so we spent the day smoking and throwing the frisbee around. When I was leaving, he gave me two buds to try out. One was Sour OG, and the other was Kong. Both, were absolutely amazing! The smell and look of the buds were so nice! When I got home I decided I’d try the Kong out, since the Sour OG looked and smelled better I figured I’d save it for another day. Well, a couple days went by, and I decided to try that Sour OG nug. It was incredible! To say the least! And as I was breaking it up, guess what popped out? A seed! And that’s how I got my own Sour OG growing!

I germinated the seed on 9/5. After two days, 9/7, she had cracked and I transplanted the seedling into a solo cup. She spent three weeks in the solo cup before I transplanted her from the cup into her own 5 gallon DWC setup. For this grow I’m using General Hydroponics Flora nutrients. For additives I’m using FloraNectar (for smell/taste), Hydroguard for bacteria protection, OminA for amino acids, and Cal-Mag. I’m trying to get some Liquid Karma and some bud density nutrients as well.

I’m getting 2 MarsHydro 300w LEDs this weekend, so now I’m debating what to do with those new lights. My electricity bill was too much for last month, and while I blame it on AC units in the windows, I’d still like to convert to LEDs because of the efficiency.

Here are some pictures from the transplanting process.


Awesome find. Got a question. How well does that dwc work and stuff? Thinking of trying out

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I cannot say enough how much better DWC is than soil! Just my opinion though!

It’s ten times easier than soil, in my opinion. And grows so much faster!

Watch this thread, ask any questions you have, and enjoy! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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Going to my grow place and getting. Reading up must have

Hey @ktreez420 just got everything but the rocks at top. Question what can be used? I didn’t want to buy a 50 pound bag

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Here come the questions. When starting a seedling use little dirt and how long do you let them grow before adding to dwc?
The drain line on side or what is it? Mine doesn’t have should I add.
Again thanks
Have an awesome day with soil, weeds and a lighter

I use hydroton, because I did buy that 50 lb bag when I started. My hydro store owner talked me into it lol, but I’m glad I did because I basically have enough to last me for another year, it is reusable too. You can use almost any rocks, preferably smooth rocks, or river rocks. I thought about using marbles, purely for aesthetic reasons, I thought it would look really cool lol!

If you check out my thread, sprout a seed in a bubble cloner, I successfully sprouted a seed without soil, only in water and a net pot. But until I get that down perfectly, I’m still sprouting in solo cups and then transplanting into DWC from there. I personally grow my plants until they are 4-5 nodes in growth, and when the cotyledon leaves are beginning to die off. I do this because I want as much root growth as possible before I transplant.

When transplanting, make sure to get off as much soil as possible, but also make sure not to break the roots when getting the soil off. It can be a tedious process, so just take your time with it.

And with the water hose on the side of the bucket, that’s actually an extra hose that some people use to be able to easily measure the water line without lifting the net pot and looking it. It’s also a way some people drain their buckets. Me personally, I stopped using them after my first couple buckets. I found them unnecessary, because I just simply lift the net pot and check pH and water line. I recommend trying one with the hose, and one without. Then you can see for yourself what you prefer and go from there when buying more.

Hope that was helpful for you! Again, ask any questions that you have dude, I’m always happy to help! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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You are awesome. Thanks. Guess I’ll get that bag most likely I’m going to be doing this, well half of the grows. I’m so excited to try new.

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Went to my hydro store yesterday to get some more Cal-mag. While I was in there I always try to talk to the owner about tons of things we all talk about on the forum. It’s nice to talk in person with someone about these things. Usually, he doesn’t hint to growing weed though, he acts oblivious lol. But yesterday, he was very down to earth with me, and basically said he knows I’m growing haha.

After chatting for 20 minutes I started to check out and he said here, “take these!” It was a sample bottle of GH FloraLicious Plus, and a sample bottle of GH Rapid Start! I was asking him about those products while we were talking, but I said how expensive the FloraLicious is and he said here, try it out and let me know what you think. I was so happy because that was probably my 10th time in there lol! He also gave me a new pH pen, because I took the one I had bought from him back into him so he could try to fix it. But instead, he just gave me a brand new one! Now I have two brand new pH pens! So happy!

For this grow I’ll be using the GH FloraLicious additive together with my base nutrients and other additives. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


@Brian091180 good info here and the pics of his seedling and how he starts them. This is how I started mine, only 4days old.

Ok guys I have an update for my Sour OG. Earlier tonight I did a water change for her, and I also did another Super Cropping. She’s doing incredible and has healed from each super cropping in 24-36 hours from the time of the procedure. Here are pictures from before I did tonight’s super cropping. She has been pruned already and only has 4 main branches.

And now here are pictures from after the squeezing and bending. Tomorrow I will upload pictures of when she’s recovered.

Gave her a nice foliar spray feeding tonight after I did the super cropping. This plant is going to be niiiccceee!

Updated pictures from tonight.

She was given a water change, and has also been super cropped, again! She had already healed from yesterday so I did another application of Super Cropping. She looks great guys!

Updated pictures

My Sour OG is growing so healthy! I’ve super cropped her at least 5 times now, trying to make her branches as strong as possible! I also pruned any little branches trying to grow. I want all my energy focused on my main branches and healing the super cropped areas.

In these pictures you can see I super cropped the top branches again, trying to let the lower branches catch up!

That’s how I’ve gotten all my known strains. Great find!

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I was so happy when I found it lol! I always keep bag seeds, but the rare times I find them it’s usually from a bag of some weed nobody knew the name of! I’ve always had really good luck with bag seeds growing to be some awesome bud. I’m hoping this is the best find so far, specially because I KNOW it’s from a Sour OG nug.

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