Sour hulk update mid of week 5 flowering

Hey guys. So my sour hulk plant is in the middle of week I’m feeding her 1 per week but she’s overly sensitive to the nutrients. I’m using FF trio and if I use two teaspoons of big bloom and 1 of tiger she gets nutrient burn so I am now experiment with 1:1. says adjust as needed but I’m legit using barely any nutrients now lol. has anyone else experienced an overly sensitive plant to FF nutes?


Are you measuring ppm or ec of your mixed solution and checking ph? Also wondering if you completed recommended flushing per the schedule? Feeding once per week your plants should be able to take a pretty good amount of nutrients without issue.

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Where is this nutrient burn? You should have brown tips still as they do not heal. I hope you aren’t confusing aging pistils for burn…

hey! So I am flushing it I have a ph test kit for the water where I test the run off and some times it’s too acidic but I have an alkaline solution that I add to it to increase it as needed. I am flushing her as needed. She tends to thrive more over basic water than nutrients. I was also using dyna grow nutrients the majority of her grow then when I ran out I switched to FF but of course did a massive flush before that and she just doesn’t seem to like them

I’ve cut off the nutrient burn. Came down one morning and the leaves were brown/orange curling at the tips. This picture is the only bud that looks like this and I refuse to trim it off because of how close the bud is I don’t want to do more harm than good. I cut off more than a dozen leaves that were clawing, burnt beyond repair

That looks like a pH or deficient issue. Don’t have to cut it off. Burns never heal. Deficiencies sometimes show improvement/color over time. But not immediately.

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You really need to check the runoff ph and tds. That will get you going in the right direction.
If your flushing you should have a low tds and ph about the same as whats going in.

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