Sour Diesel Ready to Harvest or more time needed?

Do you guys this This Diesel is ready to harvest? It’s moving into week 6 of flowering and I’m seeing loads of Amber hairs also some of the leaves are turning brown and curling but only like 5 or 6 small ones none of the bigger ones.

(Note that his is my very first grow so don’t chew my ass too much :joy:

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Do you have a jewelers loupe? If not a magnifying glass? Start watching your trichs. They will start out all clear. If cloudy more of a heady buzz. 20% amber more laid back & more amber total couch lock. Hope this helps!

Looks good. I’d give it a long weekend and harvest time.

Week 6 unless you got a fast flower seeds I’d give it another week or 2 it doesn’t look like your leaves are consuming themselves yet but that’s just me. I normally get 2 to 3 weeks of my pistols being amber before I harvest depending on tricomes. And if only 3 or 4 of your top buds have amber pistols she’s definatly not done and still has a few weeks of swelling to do. Most flower times are 9 to 11 weeks. Not to say some dont mature sooner. Can you post a pic of full plant

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iv been looking for one all over the place but i live in podunk ass arkansas nobody has them here i have to order one online i think

Thanks and i was thinking so as well but wasnt sure if it was 100% ready or not still a huge newb at this

Here’s the whole big baby

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Several weeks left imho. Don’t pay too much attention to the color of the pistols. Use the trichs on your buds to decide when to harvest. when_to_harvest_cannabis


Thanks for the opinion you guys it’s helped alot I can’t wait to show the end result and harvest them all to see the yeild definitely won’t be as big as I was expecting but I’m glad its turned out this good so far

Ordering now I appreciate it so much thanks for all the feedback

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