Sour Diesel outdoor grow Please help

Hi guys,

I ordered some seeds from ILGW and from the start all 4 seeds germinated when i used the paper towel method leaving them moist in a zip lock bag for about 48 hours.

Germination was about 7/2/20-7/4/2020

on 7/5/2020 i moved the seeds to there first home in a small pot filled with Fox Farm Soil Happy Frog. I left them indoors next to a window to sprout.

All 4 seeds sprouted by 7/6/2020

What i was doing from 7/6/20 - 7/12/20 all i did was moist the soil with a water Spray bottle and then covered the seeds with half a bottled of water for moisture to stay . (I didnt PH and used tap water) i PH my water starting day 7/9/20 to 6.5 once i received my PH down and PH up meds in the mail.

2 of my seedlings looked like they started dying as of 7/8/20. i hoped for the best once I PH’d my water by 7/9/2020 to 6.5 (NO LUCK) could this be because PH was to high when i first started to spray bottle them? my tap water was at a PH of 8.5 YIKES. I can also believe that maybe they reached a lock out due to PH?

Keep in mind i didn’t use nutrient since online anywhere i read said that FOX FARM HAPPY SOIL should be able to help the seedling stage for about the first 3-4 weeks since the soil already as some nutrients in it.

As of 7/13/20 i got myself some Fox farm nutrient the trio pack Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom.

Im following the schedule Fox farm has but i started of with giving the plants half a dosage from what it told me to put in a gallon of water. i fed my plants only Big Bloom on 7/13/20 and then again by 7/17/20.

No luck in recovering the two seedlings that were dying. The other two shown in the pictures are doing well but growing slow in my opinion or are they doing well?

i used the same dosage for week 1 and 2 since my 2 plants that were doing well seemed to be growing fine and i was afraid of killing them also. (Im such a noobie)

Can the other two seedlings i have revive somehow or are they officially dead and no hope for them?

i am currently ending already with week 3 since when they sprouted (not germinated) i started counting official days when the seeds sprouted.

Any helpful tips or guidance will be gratefully accepted. :slight_smile:


Not sure on that one. The rest look good. Welcome to the forum.


If they are the ones pictured, unfortunately no, they are toasted, most likely from nute overload.

Typically you don’t add nutes till at least the cotyledons have fell off or dead. They have the nutes in them to get her going.

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you!

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Thanks for the help!

my seedling started dying before i gave it nutrients. is there any reason why that might have happened?


Thank you!


Typically windows block UVA lights, which plants obviously need. However it could also been to much humidity/ water from dooming. I don’t Doom… humidity can cause more problems than solve.

All the same strain of seeds? Different strains are more sensitive than others.

The girls potted, look great!

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Great tip for the Side Window info and also dooming :+1:

all seeds are the same strain Sour Diesel Auto


Welcome. Am a indoor grower. I’ll tag you to my favorite outdoor growers thread. Maybe a few things you can pick up on from him.

@Zee if you need anything else.

I agree with @Covertgrower and @Zee

It’s looks like you’re set up to win now. Give them lots of sun and don’t overwater/overfeed and you’ll be great!


Yes please that would help a ton for me! I have new Autos coming in next week and i hope to start them off in the right direction.


Thanks Man!


I want to put some autos in the ground next year also to see how big they can get.

This is my first outdoor grow.

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Hi, I’m a newbie and outdoor-growing person too. I did exactly what you did with respect to the window and plastic dome… and they stunted. But were still to fragile to go outside. So I bought a desktop grow light, just to get my little ones big enough to go out. They took off with that light. I mean they really took off, I was able to transplant them into the big pots and harden them, move them outside. I would strongly recommend getting a cheapie desktop grow light (read the reviews to make sure you get one that is adequate), just to get the babies going before they go out. Window light doesn’t do it. Been gardening my whole life and always started seeds in the window. But not these, lol.


Im sure in ground you can really get big Yields with photo seeds!

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Thanks for the info! i will try that method for my next set of seeds.

I appreciate it

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