Sour diesel great white shark white widow auto grow

This is the start of my auto grow 2 sour diesels and one great white shark. One sour diesel might be grown under 12/12 light from beginning to end. But this is two days after sprouting

one sour diesel seed is still germinating.


They are in miracle grow soil Now then I will put them in the ffof soil. They are growing under 1 100 watt CFLs right now. Only thing I have to go out of town tomorrow for two Day s so I hope they will be OK. Plus my 10 ilgm ww autos came today. They will be after this grow along with a cheese auto seed I have.:grin::grin: @garrigan62 I’m right behind you still following your grow.

Is it OK to start these on 24/0 schedule let’s say for first week then switch to 18/6. @Majiktoker @garrigan62 @latewood since they are autos?

You can do 24/0, quite a few growers do for the first week then switch to 18/6. I think the plants will reward you for giving them a little down time, but that’s just my personal preference. I started mine on 18/6 and now they are on 12/12, my autos amyway

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The auto grow I had to grows back I did on a 1212 and they did great though bro under 12 and they will grow under 24

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Thanks @Hawkeye_diesel I’m just doing 24 for now then when I get back I’ll put them on 18/6 when I get another timer😁 your autos look good by the way😉

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Thanks brother

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OK thanks @Hogmaster what was your yield?

I did 4 and had 3 oz on 3 and 3.60 oz on the other


Man that’s amazing @Hogmaster if I can get 1 oz off it I’ll be happy but you give me hope for more. :sunglasses:

Foxfarm soil distilled water pH did 6.3 no higher than 6.7 General hydroponics soil trio smart pots two of them were in 3 gallon and two were in the 5 gallon 3 gallon are perfect the roots were perfect in the 3 gallon smart pots and I think I had a 70 day and a 75 day start to finish harvest

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What lights Did you use @Hogmaster

Meizhi 3-300 watt led and a 600watt and a 300 wat cob

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miracle grow soil if going to be a problem hot stuff i used that and had nothing but problems.

My auto are at 24/0 but soon to be 18/6



Yeah @garrigan62 I used it with some of my regular feminized plants and it was ok. But I don’t know if auto-flower will be different but it’s only until I put them in bigger pot. I won’t use it thru out grow. Hopefully it won’t hurt them. Do you think it’s hotter than ffof. I don’t know if autos will react differently. So far no problems

Both are not good for seedlings
I make my own soil,
If you want i would share my soil mixture with ya and next grow you won’t have any problems and you won’t have to feed them either not untill the last two weeks then i add my magic sauce to fatten up my buds…lol



OK @garrigan62 if I can find all the ingredients I’ll definitely try it. For these ones I have now maybe I can transplant when I get back and have this organic jiffy pot soil on top and have ffof from middle on down. When you used ffof was it for auto or regular feminized because like I said I had no problems with this first grow using ffof or the miracle grow. But my pH was really low like maybe 6 or below for runoff through most of my veg so maybe they weren’t getting all the nutrients? I don’t know still learning but I don’t wanna lose any plants because of that so I’ll definitely use your recipe. Thanks!:grin:

I was using the miracle grow soil and had nothing but trouble and latewood put me on track and being rasied on the vegg farm and watching mom and dad mixing their soil and so on.
Kept thinking about the farm all the time things started coming back and talking with brother and sisters well it just got easier to work the soil. We had three green house’s 20’x40’ here is a couple of pic’s so you have a good idea of the farming i did as a kid…lol

Sorry about that some time s I get caught up



OK so you are the real deal. I believe you so that’s why I’m growing along with you. I will be taking them out that soil when I get back from out of town. I would definitely like to try something different with this cheese auto I have for my next grow. I want it to be perfect so I would really like all the help I can get from you sir😎 @garrigan62 thanks for the help again.

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And those are some beautiful pics. Must have been nice place to grow up in.:national_park::national_park::national_park::earth_asia::earth_americas::mountain_snow::mountain_snow::camping::rainbow: