Sour Diesel flowering time

I’m getting too much misinformation on the interwebs.

Im growing ILGM Sour D and according to the ILGM store page it’s “mostly” sativa and 10 week flowering time.

Depending on other websites I look at - weedmaps, leafly, royal queen seeds I see them saying it’s anywhere from 60% to 90% sativa and flowering times anywhere between 8 and 11 weeks. THC anywhere from 18-23%

I know it’s all about the grow conditions how it comes out but Would love some first hand info from folks who’ve grown Sour D - not just ILGM, any Sour D. What do you know? What’s the average flowering time? Any clue what the THC% is? Any idea about sativa/indica makeup?

Let’s face it none of it really matters. I’m growing some nice bud and I’m happy with it. It takes the time it takes and you get what you grow. I’m really just curious to hear others experience.

There’s really no set time to maturity. It depends on too many factors and, just like kids, all mature at a different pace. It is true that sativas generally take a little longer; however, I have an indica dominant strain that is now on its 11th week of flowering. I’m waiting just a little longer for more amber.

I don’t have any sour D experience, but time to maturity is not dominated by strain other than the indica and sativa differences. You will find that most cannabis strains ripen at between 8 and 10 weeks, give or take depending on environmental conditions.