Sour Diesel First Grow

Hello this is a Sour Diesel Strain that I believe its in its 28th week from seed.

My idea is to harvest on Dec. 10th by my calendar but this week leaves started to show some dryness to it which made me start feeding a little bit more.

Its my first time planting some I’m doing a bunch of research but still looking for more help where i can.

Sorry if this thread is repetitive but please should i wait more for the crop or my trich are looking good?


Trichs are super amber and you re foxtailing like crazy flush them then feed them only phed water for at least a week then dark period them


Welcome to the forum!! I agree with @GreenSnek, she is ready. My Sour D was clear and amber and also started to foxtail. Don’t feed anymore, those dry fan leaves are just normal and showing you that she’s ready. You cannot look at the trichomes on the foxtails (or sugar leaves) , you need to go down at least 1/3rd the way down the plant and look at the older buds. I do a 48 hour dark period before chopping but I hear a wide array of opinions.


28 weeks?

I’m growing some SD at the moment and I wasn’t thinking I’d need to wait 190 days to harvest. Is that correct?

Is there something about SD I need to know about? LOL. thanks in advance.


Note that the growers recommendations are from first flower) I had a Blue Dream and a Sour D started the exact same time. Blue Dream was an 8-10 week (that’s measured from first flower) and the Sour D was a 10-11 week and they both had to come down at the same time. (right at 8 weeks)… in fact, the Sour D was a little late for my liking. So… you cannot go by the growers recommendation, you just have to harvest based on the trichomes and what you’re looking for and remember to look at the older buds, not the sugar leaves or the foxtailing buds (the ones with darker, drying pistils)


Something I forgot to mention is that this is a Regular seed so it takes longer in case you’re doing a auto flower.


I’ve never done autos…

Got it! I’m new to the game and just never heard of such a long time yet. Thanks.

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Wow…That was my first plant wondering if something went wrong then ?!..
thinking here it was 10 weeks for veggie and then another 9 for bloom I might have miscalculated the time.

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LOL you can veg as long as you want for the most part… I do it until I think the tent to lamp height won’t work because I want a lot of volume which is usually 4-8 weeks and I don’t want my plants any closer than 18-19" from the lights. Depending on how tall the plant grows (even with lst) AND when they start showing signs of maturing and thinking about flowering. The time they give you when you buy the plant/seed (ie: 8-10 week) means from first flower… not even from flipping but they should flower about 7-10 days from flipping.

This round I vegged the Blue Dream (an 8-10 week) and a Sour D (10-12 week). I got the clones on 6/2 and flipped to 12/12 on 7/28. Obviously it will take longer from seed to flip. But I vegged them long enough (almost 2 months) to have 2 plants literally take up almost an entire 4x4 ten (lots of lst ):

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