Sour Diesel droops off and on

Hi, brand new here with 1 month old plants which seem to be doing well, but I’m confused about how my sour diesel plants are acting… here’s my support ticket:

Support Ticket

Strain: Sour Diesel Fem

FF Ocean Forest w/ 30% Perlite mixed

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Getting pH meter and up/down tomorrow…tap water I’ve been using is 7.

What is strength of nutrient mix? Just started feeding 1/2 power with FF nutes (Big Bloom and Grow Big only right now)


Light system, size? 1000w MH w/ reflector hood. 18/6 Schedule.

Temps: 78 light on / 70 light off

Humidity: Usually around 43

Ventilation system: 193cfm fan outtake (with carbon filter), 195cfm intake fan

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: Humidifier, heater, need better cooling system

Co2: N/a

Towards the end of the day, the leaves droop a lot, but they look fine in the morning. I have 4 other strains going all getting the same treatment and the 3 SD are the only ones doing this. Thought it was strange so just wanted to know if I should be concerned. I really appreciate the help.

In soil ph should be 6.5 up to 6.8
Ff is a hot soil may be a bit early for nutes
How frequently are you watering looks to be slight overwatering?
Another possibility is heat stress but I’m not quite sure yet

How long have they been in the FFOF and how often are you watering?


I don’t think I’d be concerned with a little droop after a full light cycle.


@anon46981397 Yeah I’ll be getting the pH taken care of tomorrow thankfully.

I’ve been watering 2-3 days apart and have done nutes every other (2 with nutes so far.) I water until some runs out the bottom.

It stays hotter in there than I’d like, so the sour diesel could just be a strain that is more susceptible to heat stress? I’ll try to figure out how to rig up a cooling setup tomorrow too and get that down to see if that’s it.

@Verndoc They’ve been in ffof for exactly a week. They’re in peat pots (in coco coir,) so I think the roots are probably breaking through into the soil pretty well now.

@dbrn32 that’s good to hear… thank you.

@dex I think they look pretty good. Others have had issues w FFOF being too hot for seedlings but yours are past that stage. Pay attention to their new growth. Mine are in a Super Soil and I have two plants that their new growth has slightly yellow tips but they are growing well and the others don’t seem to have an issue. FYI - I am growing two Sour Diesel as well - sprouted around 1-16 if you want to compare or follow my Journal.


@Verndoc thank you that helps a lot. Much appreciated.

there is an issue in the root zone,
cannabis loves light, the more they get the more they grow,
if they look sad after getting lots of light then the roots r struggling to provide for the plant,

the 3 SD may not like the coco pots…???
may be a little Sulfur deficient, try 1 tsp/gal of Epsom Salt next watering.!!
they may be a little Nitrogen def…???

use the flood to drought watering method to ensure healthy roots.!!

just looked at your pics again,
not only do they stand back up at night, but the color improves also.!

i suspect a slight S def. and ‘wet feet’ (‘over-watered’).!!
try digging around the peat pots and cut/tear them down to the bottoms,
this will allow the roots to expand and not curl up inside the peat pot,
u will learn not to use these, i learned the hard way also.! LOL

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Full disclosure, I didn’t read the whole thread, just the first post.

I keep a webcam in my flower tent and have spent way more time than I care to admit checking the plants at different stages of their “day.” I always see the plant start to droop just before lights off, and then it perks up an hour or so before lights on. This happens regardless of the length of the day period, and it “catches up” to changes in the length of the day period after just one “night” period, usually.

@MacGyverStoner recently said this:

The plants track darkness through the breakdown of a phytochrome that occurs without light, mostly, to determine the difference between summer/winter. IR and deep red can also cause the phytochrome to break down.

Given that, I wonder if this process also allows the plant to adjust its transpiration requirements, etc. as night time approaches. In any case, I regularly witness the behavior the OP has witnessed without any issues in the results of the grow.


@SlowOldGuy thats really great info…thank you. I’ve definitely vowed to never use the peat pots again haha… I’ve been worried not enough roots are making it through but I’ve been nervous to look and try to get the pots off. If there’s roots coming through it, would removing the pots and ripping off roots damage the plants? I’d like to do that to all of them if possible.

@Bogleg thanks I appreciate the response. I’d totally set up a cam too haha this is my first grow so I’m pretty obsessed. I try not to check them often though so the daily growth looks more impressive lol