Sour Diesel / Blue Dream Autos - Beginner Grow

What strain: ILGM Sour Diesel & Blue Dream Autos
Age of plant: 2-3 weeks
Method: Soil - 50% FF Ocean / 50% FF Happy Frog
Vessels: 3 gallon fabric pots
PH and TDS of Water: 8-8.5 Tap Water Sitting in 7 gallon dispenser.
Method used to measure PH and TDS: Testing pens
Indoor 4*2 Tent
Light system: VS1000 LED
Actual wattage draw of lights: I don’t know what this means or how to test.
Current Light Schedule: 16/8
Temps; Day, Night 70-80
Humidity; Day, Night 50-70
Ventilation system; Yes, 6inch fan system
De-humidifier - Doesn’t seem to be putting a lot of work in

Have a few questions:
Starting with water: As described above, I am using tap water into a 7 gallon dispenser. Testing water coming out and its between 8-8.5. Should I be using PH Down to bring this lower? Does it matter going into FF soil this early, or will it matter later in time? If so, should I do this 1 gallon at a time right before I water the plants?

My understanding is that the FF soil should give the plants enough nutrients for 3ish weeks. After that should I be using the FF liquid trio that I have? What strength and does this change due to autos vs photos?

Right now in my 4x2 tent I have four plants in three gallon pots (2 - SD, 2 BD) and I just put a third of each, (two weeks behind the others) in for a total of six. Is my 1000watt LED bulb enough for these? Should I be upgrading? With the six in there, with them being young and not fully grown, there seems to still be enough room for growth and size should be a problem…but I could be wrong.

The picture was taken a few days ago.
I appreciate the help in advance!

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100” watt advertised lights generally draw 100 watts from your wall receptacle. Your PH is way high, soil medium should be around 6.5 or slightly higher for optimum nute intake especially nitrogen which is extremely key for early and veg growth. That 1000 watt light will get you through veg, but a minimum of 2000 would be needed for a decent flowering yield. With 6 growing you start some LST around week 2-3 to get an even canopy and space management. :love_you_gesture:

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100 watts per the listing. The diodes are Samsung LM301H. impressive to see this from Vivosun.


Appreciate that. My soil right now is sitting at 6.7. Should I still be altering my water?

Yup. Being it into the 6.4-6.8 range if possible.

And 1000w in a 4 x 2 would be 125w per ft ². Anything over 50 is recommended.

But…. As was stated the wall draw is actually 100w. The advertisement is a misnomer and pretty much false adverts. At 100w in ur 8 sq ft… ur around 12.5 which is definitely not enough. Take a look around in the light threads… there are options. I think the recommendation for a 4x2 is a HLG 260xl? @dbrn32.


I like it

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