Sour Diesel Autoflower Indoor grow will not FINISH

I am now on day 124 (9/24/21) and her buds are still getting bigger and she keeps producing new white pistols. I would say the trichomes are about 50-50 clear and cloudy with very few amber. Based on how she was looking, how her sister progressed and 2 friends plants from the same seed purchase from ILGM I thought she was getting close. The last nutrients (all organic grow using dry nutz) I gave her was on day 81 (8/12/21). I anticipated 2-4 weeks of per H2O would finish her off, but she just keeps budding. I don’t want to harvest too soon but this girl is so much different than the others from the 10 seeds we purchased. This is only my 2nd grow and would appreciate any feedback.


Those are foxtails, and they probably won’t quit at this point. You literally have to pull them back to get to the trichs under them. Could be genetics or your lights are too intense for this stage.


Definitely have some foxtails going on there, you’ll have to find some of the original bud to look at. It probably got to hot in the window and caused it to foxtail but there’s so many reasons they’ll foxtail there’s no way to be sure

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At this point it would be advised just to chop it and call it good. While your trimming chop off the frsh pistils.

Genetics or light/heat extremes.

It’s happened to us all, but once fox tails are noticed that’s a warning, watch the other bud, reduce. Light and heat, cut on the original buds tricombs and pistils color.


I thank all 3 of you. Feeling a bit sheepish now after ya’ll pointed out the obvious. I’ve done a bunch of reading on the subject now. My lights are not powerful, but they are bright. I’ve turned all but my flower LED off now and tomorrow I’m going to cut a bud off and operate to see what the underbud is doing. The foxtails are also covered in trichomes, but at least half are clear.

It did get upwards of 90* in the room on 2 occasions when I had a stranger installing flooring, but usually is is 72-77. The window is facing south and is under the covered area behind my house garage so it cannot ever get direct light, only indirect. When I see the plants so many times everyday it’s harder to see the changes that seem really obvious now. If I only listened to the words I used to describe what the buds were doing they probably would be in jars now.

Thanks fellow humans!


It may not have mattered what you did some strains just foxtail, it’s not a big deal really it just makes your buds look funny. There’s strains out that were breed to foxtail because some growers like to be different and want them to foxtail

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I have 2 SD autos outside, that Wont finish. About 90 days from germ.

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What does it mean if your plant start to foxtail? And is it a bad thing?

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Some sativa trichomes won’t go amber. I grew two Indian haze outside all the way into Dec one year to see if I could get them to go amber, other than some of the leaves I didn’t get any


It’s just a line of calyx that grows out of a bud… I’m sure there’s a better description lol but if you look at the pictures posted up top you can see it, like a weird growth coming out of the buds. There’s nothing wrong with it other than it looks different

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Ohhh i see my one buds started that lol, I always though it was the leaves that foxtail. Thanks for clearing that up my man


Foxtails will just keep growing longer and longer. Look at the maturity of the flowers with brown pistils. I would chop it to avoid even bigger Foxtails

Yup had a few plants like that just gotta chop it when lower buds are pure dark pistil

After looking the entire plant over this morning, every budsite on her is foxtailing. Doesn’t look light related, like many have said I think it was genetically disposed to do it. I put her in a dark closet. Will cut and hang her in there in 48 hours.

Thanks again

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If she is alone, I would have increased the darkness by 2hrs and give it 2 weeks to finish up.

Like @ low said you girl is foxtail, I growing autos sour diesel and they take long to mature but in middle of flowering you need to dime the ligth cuz she still produced bud and hair

What would you do at this point? It is the only plant I have left. Her sister seemed to never get over the helmet head she had for 3 days before I helped it off. She was tiny but didn’t foxtail.

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Foxtail can be for light or heat stress but for now just try to give 18 hrs of light on 50% or 75%

What do you think the outcome would be if I went another 2 weeks and increased her dark time? She’s been on 18-6 the whole way.

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Darkness always help to mature the bud and look you humidity and the temp