Sour diesel autoflower 1st grow

First grow ever and I’m using a minimalist approach. Any advice is welcome.

Dank dust soil from happy rocks
Just watering no training.
18/6 light

I did add some nutrients when the leaves started to yellow.

I started this way to see what the plant does from start to finish. At week 6 right now and boy am I learning a lot


@And_rew09 welcome to the neighborhood, you’re doin good 4sure, I see what I believe is some light bleaching but they seem to be trying to come out of it

Looks good, There is some yellow leaves I see you could trim off to help the plants focus their energy. If you wanted to the plants to be bushier you could switch to a 20/4 light scedule :+1:

Yeah the two in the front stretched crazy fast on me. I have 15 more seeds so we shall see what happens next grow.

Here’s mine at the middle of Week 13. I still have a few weeks left. I had to do a lot of defoliating to uncover bud sites.

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You can always put the shorter ones up on a bucket or box a table to get it up closer to the light

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Your lookin a good bit better than mine were at 6 weeks! Like MeEasy said use whatever you have to try and get the plants all close to the same height, that will even the canopy and make the best use of your light. What strain? Which light?

Strain is sour diesel auto from ILGM.
Light is 315W CDM Lamp - 3100K Bulb

I’ll use the bucket idea. Didn’t even think of that, derp

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@MeEasy thanks again for the bucket idea :slight_smile: