Sour diesel autoflower 1st grow

First grow ever and I’m using a minimalist approach. Any advice is welcome.

Dank dust soil from happy rocks
Just watering no training.
18/6 light

I did add some nutrients when the leaves started to yellow.

I started this way to see what the plant does from start to finish. At week 6 right now and boy am I learning a lot


@And_rew09 welcome to the neighborhood, you’re doin good 4sure, I see what I believe is some light bleaching but they seem to be trying to come out of it

Looks good, There is some yellow leaves I see you could trim off to help the plants focus their energy. If you wanted to the plants to be bushier you could switch to a 20/4 light scedule :+1:

Yeah the two in the front stretched crazy fast on me. I have 15 more seeds so we shall see what happens next grow.

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Here’s mine at the middle of Week 13. I still have a few weeks left. I had to do a lot of defoliating to uncover bud sites.


You can always put the shorter ones up on a bucket or box a table to get it up closer to the light

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Your lookin a good bit better than mine were at 6 weeks! Like MeEasy said use whatever you have to try and get the plants all close to the same height, that will even the canopy and make the best use of your light. What strain? Which light?

Strain is sour diesel auto from ILGM.
Light is 315W CDM Lamp - 3100K Bulb

I’ll use the bucket idea. Didn’t even think of that, derp

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@MeEasy thanks again for the bucket idea :slight_smile:



Plants have come along a bit. Looking for some advice for the future. I currently have no way of checking pH but and working on solving that. Any advice on a tool is appreciated. Looking at the leaves I think I have a deficiency in something. Just a reminder this is a total minimal effort on my part. Next grow I will put more effort. See pictures.

If you want to check pH without buying a pen they sell packs of pH test strips on ebay for a couple bucks.

They don’t give you an exact number, but you get a pH to the closest .5 by judging the color of the strips.



Thanks! I just cut the top buds… I’m letting the rest finish.


Now that is an “all in one” set up if I have ever seen one!

Have to think how I can do that in my grow room too!

:+1: :sunglasses:


You can buy a ph pen and a ec/ppm pen combo for 15$ on Amazon. Visusun has a cheep set I think.

Also if you need help with stuff just tag some one by putting @Coen3440 or whoever and the get a notification. You should prob get some kind of cal mag nutrients for your next run. I use technaflora just because you can buy a kit for 40$ that has everything and will last a few grows and I had used it before. I know a lot of the guys on here use jack’s, they say it is easy. Ph is deff a big thing to look at because of you are to high or to low then the plants can uptake the nutrients no matter how much you feed them, around 6 could be higher or lower depending on your grow. Here are my first and second grow in a lot of years the guys around this site helped me get back into the swing of things a lot. Good luck :four_leaf_clover::sunglasses::mushroom::potted_plant:

I also think maybe you should get some type of flower nutrients and give them at least one more feed before they are done. It will help them fill out and put on some more weight

Hey man! Sorry for your babies… They are looking sick! :frowning: pH is EXTREMELY important. I’m a new grower too, but I can always parrot information I’ve learned. 6.5 pH is recommended for soil. Keep in mind that adding nutrients to water severely changes the pH. Just 1 point of difference in pH makes a 10x difference in acidity. pH greatly affects the amount of specific nutrients absorbed. Too high or too low will result in nutrients either being taken in too quickly or too slowly.

I honestly wouldn’t bother with the cheapo pH testers… I have never heard anything good about them. They fluctuate way too often, and break way too quickly. Plus they aren’t even water proof.

I would recommend the Apera pH20. On Amazon for like 50ish I believe. Very good, accurate, durable meter.

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@Coen3440 yeah I ran this as a “how does this work” they have some classes in my area I’m going to take and some grower discussions. Next run will improve.

@dankloud yeah I call this a tough learning experience. I’ll look at the pen today.

I definitely will be using fabric pots from now on. They seemed to do better overall. Thanks for the input from everyone. If I get 50g I’ll be tickled to death :laughing:


It’s a good idea to go from solo cup to 3 gallon to 5 gallon. Just my two cents. Don’t do fabric until you get to your final pot.

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