Sour diesel auto preflowers?

Did u get more of a head or body high with that sour diesel…it says sativa dominate

I chopped the big girl at all milky, no amber on the trichs. It gave me a heady sativa high that melts away anxiety and the indica makes the body aches disappear too. It’s a very nice blend. Not too sativa but not too indica. Definitely no couch lock. I chopped the other three tall ones at 30% amber so once it cures for a bit I can give you a smoke report on that. I’m hoping it gives me a bit more of the indica effect for those days when I just wanna be happy and melt into the couch.

How long u curing for 30 days?

The thing bout me and indica i feel absolutely nothing at all when i smoke maybe a tad relaxed but nothing maybe my chemical makeup i dunno so i try to stick to sativa dom. Earlier og kush did absolutely nothing for me…lol

I waited two weeks after harvests to really get into it and I’ve got a grove bag I plan on waiting a while to get into. It’s definitely good smoke even right out of dry, the cure just brings out the flavors and stank better. In curious to try the second harvest with the amber. It should be damn good too. You can definitely tell it’s sativa dominate which is what I’ve been wanting.

Sounds good bro ill be following u if i can do that?

Heavy indica strains tend to give me anxiety and give me that heavy feeling. This does the exact opposite.

How long u been growing?

This was my first grow since my teens man, I got tired of not being able to get the effects I enjoy. The sour diesel certainly checked all my boxes. I wish super silver haze came in auto flower too. It’s 90% sativa. I also want to try a Durban poison, it’s 100% sativa.

Look into the blue dream or green crack heavy yield supoosedly hybrid i beleive…well u seem knowledgable stay at it …also that durban poison grows tall i think

One day I will have the room for the tall strains lol. For now I’m gonna try a few other strains. Next up on my line up is a Mephisto genetics sour stomper, it’s a 50/50, it has sour crack (green crack x sour diesel I think) and grape stomper in its linage. It should be interesting to say the least. Stick around here long enough and read, read, read and ask questions and you will end up with some of the best buds you have ever had. Don’t be afraid to tag people in to your thread, everyone is super friendly and most don’t mind dropping some knowledge on you. @OGIncognito and @beardless was super helpful in my grow and @CLICKYBONES , @Graysin and @newt helped me through my drying setup. I can’t thank all of them enough :grin:


Yeah my next upgrade is a taller tent…in looking forward to it…that sounds like a badass strain how do u tag and friend or whatever or can u?

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You just put an @then their name, to tag me just put @Tophat. I dont think you can favorite people or private message people here.

Alright man…

I’m gonna tag you into @Coonass ’s thread. He’s gotten some very impressive results with lst, fimming, and topping autoflowers.

Thanks already fimmed it doesnt even seemed fazed by it

Yea mine didn’t slow down either :joy:

I hear its better than topping for yield as for as height reduction im not sure

Topping didn’t slow mine down either :joy: if I had the room I should have bent them in half lol

How big and when did u top?