Sour diesel auto preflowers?


Yes, it’s well on its way.

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Yep, those little buttons will begin forming into buds before your very eyes.

Its 25 days above soil today if i keep up with lst how much more height do u think ill get tryin to keep the plant at 2 ft?

Basic rule of thumb is for them to double in size during flower, but of course they can be kept to any size with training. If you have the space, keep spreading branches out as much as possible and keep the canopy level. That will help produce larger colas, as well as help with space concerns

You can also super crop, or break the branches, to keep the plant in the desired shape of height. This also produces larger buds on the affected branches

I also have another sour d auto in the same tent 2x2x48 thats bout 7 days behind still in veg afraid longer veg might mean bigger plant i dunno… should i start 1/2 strength an micro bloom in the bigger one yet or do u think the ffof soil still has amendments left after 35 days? Anymore advice u have is greatly appreciated brother as its my first grow so i love the hobby thanks.

Would u reccomend supercrop during pre flower?

Oh yeah and i fimmed the small one today at 18 days…

If you need to, sure. About the only time I won’t do it is right at the end of flower. Just watch a couple videos to make sure you understand. You don’t want to break the branch all the way, just the insides of it so you can bend it to your desired location. Usually it’s best to tie the branch down at this time, or it will climb back up before you know it. But this allows you to configure your plants in any way you want to, without doing any real damage to them.

Thanks is there anyway i can add u and follow u or something im new here i might need more advice u seem knowledgable?

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@Alpha972 i just got done with a very similar grow with sour diesel autos, here is the link to my grow thread. ( Tophat’s first tent 2x2 sour diesel auto ) Maybe you can find some helpful info in there. I ended up with 2.5 oz off the big girl in the center and it’s looking like I got about the same off the three in the corners. The lst made for one fat but short lady. The little black binder clips are a life saver when doing lst in a fabric pot, attachment points anywhere you need them… Happy growing!

How tall did they end up finishing at? I got 2.5 ft to grow with

The big girl ended up at about 18inches, the three in the corners almost outgrew my space, I’m in a 55inch tent. I had to dim my lights as they were within 6 inches of it. I did not lst those, I fimmed and topped them hoping the stress would keep them short. I should have lst them too but had no room. Just keep pulling them down and they will stay short. You can continue to lst a few weeks into flower so it helps to keep the stretch down a bit. I used a binder clip and had almost every branch tied down. It became a every few day routine to pull them down as they grew.

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So u did a good job keeping it under 18 im shooting for 20 in ill keep lst them i pretty much ran the stem halfway round the pot so ima let it reach for light dont wanna stress her out to much prolly gonna start feeding soin

You are on the right track, I ran mine around the pot same as you are doing. Keeping the light at the proper DLI makes a big difference on how much they stretch. I kept my light just above the recommended DLI week by week and about 18 inches off the canopy, she grew thick and fat.

Im running a vivosun vs1000 1000 wt 100 wt from wall its a little underpowered i got it at 12 inches now…just wish i wouldnt have jumped the gun and got a taller tent

It’s all good, you are on the right track to have a thick and fat girl too. I have the mars hydro ts1000w and it’s only 150w from the wall. I really never had to turn it up much more than 75%. You should be able to grow decent buds under yours, I use the Photone app on my phone to measure the DLI. You will be surprised how much light these smaller led fixtures can put out.

Thanks bro for all ur info and inspiration if i can keep both mine under 20in and yield ima consider next grow goin with 2 gallon and do a sea of green

Not a problem brother, you are doing a great job . You are really going to like the sour diesel. It’s oh my god funky and sticky and leaves me relaxed, clear headed with no anxiety. It’s my happy go lucky weed. I did mine organic so I can’t say anything about nutes, but I do know and highly recommend a product called recharge. It works wonders and is definitely worth giving a try. I used it every other watering.

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