Sour diesel auto getting close?

This thicc little sour diesel is going on her 12th week of life, Ilgm says ready in 10 weeks but it doesn’t say total or from start of flower. I know it’s just a general time frame. She started flowering at 3 weeks so that puts her in her 9th week of flower. What does everyone think? I wasn’t expecting the purple color on a sour D but she smells heavenly. Im looking for a heady buzz.sorry for blurry pictures, I’m waiting on my microscope to arrive.


Autos are from pop to harvest. Where as photos are from 12/12 flip. If you look at the info section on photo plants it shows “flower/flower time” where autos show “grow time”

Here is something to maybe help


Thank you for the clarification on the auto vs. photo time frames. I’m seeing mostly milky and that’s what I want but it’s always nice to have more experienced growers chime in as this is my first grow in 25 years.


:face_with_peeking_eye: I’m no expert. I just was sharing my collective of thoughts :joy: and that pic. Being a new grower myself what I do is just read about everything. Even if it isn’t something you think you will never deal with. Knowledge is key. Especially with these plants. Best advise I can give you is to read and read and read.


She’s beautiful! I’m presuming that she’s ILGM genetics; if so, consider entering her in the Bud of the Month contest. Congrats on your first grow in 25 years!


She sure is Ilgm and I think she may have to make an appearance in November’s BOTM contest :smirk:


Sweet looking SDs Growmie! The sugar leaf Trichomes will turn sooner than the buds, get pics past the leaves and on the bud surface :love_you_gesture:


I think she’s got at least another week, maybe two. I’m seeing about 30% clear trics under a better lens

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One week and one microscope later here’s where she’s at. Picture one and two are the top buds, picture 3 and 4 are the under buds. The scope is hard to focus by hand but until I get a tripod or something this is the best I can do. What y’all think? Paul Bunyan time?