Sour diesel and kimbo kush

This is my 3rd grow and I’m seeing great results with a less is more technique, it that I’ve killed anything yet, but I have used too much light according to this grow. These 4 plants are 4 weeks old, 3 sour diesel and 1 kimbo. I had two kimbo but one had TMV I think, so that ones outside. Transplanted to 3 gallon smart pots 2 weeks ago. They have the largest leaves, and the fastest, healthiest growth I’ve had so far. I started with a small, maybe 25w full spectrum fluorescent bulb, and added a 2-3, 7w led light bulbs a week.
Today I started giving them raw solubles grow and calmag@1/4 strength and I always use promix bx, myco, and rain/distilled at ph 6 as seedlings, 6.5 veg, and am upping it to 7 as the promix stays at a low ph.
Today after I started LST, I put them in the flower tent so they’d turn up(towards the light)faster, and they did in about two hours. I’ll be moving them back to the lower light later.
They did seem to stretch a little more then usual but I don’t mind and might prefer it as the training is easier. I always end up with wide, flat plants. As a reference that big pot is a ten gallon, must be almost two feet across.

I took cuttings two days ago and put them directly into flower instead of rooting them first to see how that works. That’s what’s in that metal pot.

What a difference in leaf color from the diesel cookie in flower, huh?


A few days ago…they’ve almost doubled in size, the main reason I started LST today(7/1). I’ve also been fim cutting them at different times to try to keep them around the same size.


I might need this moved to the grow journal threads, I’m going to try switching the category now. I think it’s time to start a real journal on here now that I have more growing knowledge. This is grow number 3.

7/3/17 Switched the light from a couple hundred watts in cfl/led bulbs to my 500w induction as I’d say they’re in veg now, this is week 5 from seed.

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Support ticket for I💚GM

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or Unknown
Sour diesel(3), kimbo kush(1)
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
3 gal smart pots
Soil- Promix bx With;
EWC* azomite* great white myco compost* 8-2-1 :bat: * 0-10-0 :bat:*
*Added 1/3 less than recommended as I would also be using raw solubles this time
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
Started at 6, worked my way up to 6.8-7(and maybe a little higher because the promix seems to keep the ph low)
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
Started fertilizing end of 4th week from sprout 1/4 recommend strength of: Raw solubles grow and calmag
Indoor or Outdoor?
Light system, size?
Started with a 25 watt full spectrum fluorescent
Added 35 watts a week of led house bulbs with reflectors
7/3/17(week 5 from seed)switched to a 500w induction
Temps; Day, Night?
78-82, 70-74
Humidity; Day, Night?
Started at 80, now at 50-60
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size?
Windows open in room to circulate fresh air 450cfm fan/filter for flower
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier? No need
Co2; Yes, No?
Sort of, 1/2 gallon of yeast sugar co2 with output going to fan

Transplanted to 3 gallon smart pots. Explosive growth after this!

Put diseased plant outside

Week 5:
Started LST and nutrients will be at 1/2 strength next feeding


Can you post pics of the one you think may have TMV? I ask because I think I have one showing symptoms as well. Mine showed symptoms right after sprouting. I thought it was just a genetic abnormality but after research I fear it might be TMV

I thought it was genes too. Not sure now.

Mine was deformed from seed as well. I thought it would grow out of it but it’s not. I’ll probably experiment with it… add weird amounts of supplements or something

Top right - as a seedling

I also took cuttings a few days ago for sexing. I put them right in the flower tent instead of rooting them first. I’ve never done it this way so we’ll see what happens. They haven’t started to yellow and they only drooped for a day. This time I didn’t trim the fan leaves either because I think it takes them more time to recover when they have to heal from that trauma as well as the cut stem. Used clonex gel for rooting hormone.

Thanks for the pics. Mine looked similar but I had a little more discoloration. Mine showed up in WW for what it’s worth. I found similar pics to how mine looked on this forum but the OP later thought it was mites instead but I haven’t seen any sign of mites with my magnifier.

I think I forgot to mention that I have FIM cut all of them but at different times to try to keep them roughly the same size. And I did another cut on one of the SD secondary branches that was higher than the rest of the plant after I tied the main stem down. It’s one of the first secondary shoots so it should help that end of the plant fill out better. I’m doing FIM or topping on this grow instead of going LST crazy. LST is a pain on the ass when you have multiple plants that are growing fast. I think topping the hell out of it and then letting it stretch or grow longer so you can spread them out into a trellis is the way to go for higher yields. With these four plants I only intend on finishing two inside. I don’t see the point in flowering tiny plants. Veg longer and take your time, making sure they’re healthy and in big pots before you flower. You can only mess up the end result if you rush it. Just my opinion. It’s hard when you first start growing but it works so much better when you just forget about the plants…just check on them every 2-3 days, don’t kill em with too much attention lol. I’ve been only checking on them once a week, and this one is looking like it will be my best grow so far.

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Do you smoke? Or anyone around you? I always wash my hands and arms before I go in the room but who knows. Maybe I touched the tweezers once without washing my hands? Then put the seed into the cube? Maybe some smoke hit the bucket of water I had outside, idk? I don’t have any bugs and haven’t since my first grow a year ago. I had gnats from overwatering, long gone now. It’s disturbing to think that the tmv came from me. Makes me wonder how bad it can be for your body or DNA. I highly doubt Marlboro discards their tmv plants. Wasted money when they could just mix it in with good tobacco. Not that the smoke and chemicals are good for you…ugh I gotta quit. So !@#$ing hard. At least I don’t smoke in my house.

If I didn’t mention it, that was a kimbo kush plant with the issue. Sucked cause I only had two seeds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s female so I can keep it as a mother for a while…or keep cloning the strain.

Look how messed up it is.
Not only are the leaves all fd up, but halfway up the nodes alternate stem/fan leaf…so weird lol

I wonder what would happen if I just cut it at like the second node right now, because the growth under that isn’t that bad…

I’ll post pics of mine later when I get home so you can see what mine looks like. But it does look similar to how your deformed leaves look. And I don’t smoke so I doubt I somehow contaminated my plant assuming it really is TMV. I germinated in a peat moss cube and since it showed signs right from the get go that’s why I assumed it was just genetics.

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I’m sure these aren’t some record breaking leaves…just the largest I’ve grown so far. Hopefully they turn out to be females with buds to match the leaves lol!


That is a monster fan leaf!

Right? Haha…I’m actually wondering what caused it. The lower light I provided this time? The ratio of soil amendments? Because they’re like that on all of the plants…

I know we were each talking about the possibility of having TMV before. I finally saw signs of either root aphids or fungus gnats. I was on the lookout for mites so I was constantly checking my leaves for any signs but never saw any. Then after watering one day I noticed what look like fleas slowly moving around in the soil. I noticed little white larva too but the adults are small, black, and about the size of fleas. And one of the side affects of those mother effers is the mosaic thing we were both getting. Just thought I’d post to hopefully lead you in the right direction since it took me 2 months to realize my culprit lol.

Thanks for the heads up. I have had gnats before but that was a couple years ago. I keep that in check by trying not o overwater and with intermittent sprays of pyrethrin. That stuff works great. I get a big bottle of concentrate and add 1.25ml/500ml water and usually just spray the soil a little… If I see any random gnats flying around. I’ve never checked for those root aphids but heard they suck to get rid of! I Haven’t had any problems since that deformed plant so I guess I didn’t have them because I would have had more problems. This is the other kimbo kush(same strain but didn’t have that problem) now.

I can’t wait to see what I get for weight. It’s in a 10g pot and takes up most of a 4x4 tent. Biggest plant I’ve grown anyway. :grin: