Sour D Seedling help

Is this even a pot plant?

Support tic info:
Strain; Sour Diesel

Soil in pots: Potted in mix of coco and Fox farms potting mix

System type? Hand water

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? N/A

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS Follow Fox Farms feeding schedule

Indoor or Outdoor: DYI Indoor grow box; 2x3x5

Light system, size? CFL 6 bulbs/100 W ea 5000K+2300K

Temps; Day 80-90, Night 80-68

Humidity; Day 30-40, Night 30-40

Ventilation system; Yes, Size: intake and output fans plus extra fans for ventilation

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: Run humidifier sometimes

Co2; Yes

I purchased 5 seeds from seed bank and this is the third try. First 2 did not grow.
This one is Just over 8 wks old and looks like a healthy plant but with a little heat stress.
There is little to no nodal separation and the leaves are really packed tight below the top
I just transplanted into 2 liter bottle with more coco and FF

Just wondering what is going on here?
Is this a normal looking SD?
I am thinking too much light or too close to the plant (6-10 in)?
I dont have PH meter, guess I should get one?

Please, just looking for some feedback from more experienced growers out there…

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definitely get a pH meter. its a must have if you want any kind of success.

lighting 6-10" from plant shouldnt be a problem with those type of bulbs.

im no expert (they will chime in i’m sure) but i would guess pH is off.

you need to know the pH of the water you are using to feed…and also the pH of the root zone.
you can determine this by using your pH meter on the runoff after you watered.
you will need to lower temps too…90 is too much.

cheap one:

good one:

PH PH PH this is absolutely a ph issue no doubt about it

care to explain why you think this is PH problem? Just curious

Ph fluctuations will cause deformation of plant leaves Cannabis likes to grow in a set ph range in soil 6-6.5 if your soil starts with a high ph you adjust your water to slowly lower it. Tap water bottled water RO water and distilled water all have different ph as will your soil. Ph is what makes nutrient uptake possible in your plant ph in different ranges makes different nutrients available and quick changes in ph will shock a plant.
Those ph changes can be brought on by overwatering changing food or even water source. without knowing your ph or additives in your soil and simply by seeing the deformation I know it is ph related here is a reference for you

Let me put it this way 90% of the time when a person has a deficiency and doesn’t have a idea of how ph effects their plants it is the source of the problem and if not knowing the ph and learning a bit more about how to utilize your ph works results in smoother grows with better yields. :slight_smile:

Donaldj, thanks so much for the info/link and intelligent direction.
I hope I can save this plant

Looks to me like over watering
I hear fox and farm is some what hot in nutrients and then your feeding.
I’ll bet your PH is out of range.
You can get a PH meter at your local hareware store.
Go get on there not expensive. Ythen give her a good watering and check the run off and let us know …ok ?


Hey Donald…sorry I didn’t know you were here and had things under control. I was answering from above.
As you can see we both pretty much said the same thing.
Good advice my man…


All good Will I miss the odd one and sometimes you know as well as I a second opinion is always a good thing I may have missed something or possibly mistranslated information lol

Hell ya brother…hey…you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Your growing buddy


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The misses and I are having a quiet Christmas no family just hanging out at home avoiding the family drama so I will most likely be around to keep the support line going here lmao

We have got to be on the same page.
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about right lmao put 8 new cuttings in my home made bubble cloner today for test and cut 4 more for my rooter plugs out of my flowering room was trimming up the lower limbs getting rid of the dead energy wasting weight. Have 1 week left before flush starts for 4 of my gals will be first turn around on my perpetual grow by the time they come out have a nice Jack herer to throw in have 1 plant rotating in and out every week from then on :slight_smile: enough to meet my needs and then some :wink:

I just went to the pain clinic today so now I can smoke some of my harvest tonight…helllllll ya…lol

Going to be growing some Auto plants and five other strains all, even the auto’s having the highest yeild and thc potency as posible then start my cloning back up .
Useing one of my tents im going to raise a male. Not sure whivh strain yet but im going to try a little cross breeding.
Should be interesting to say the least…lol


Been working on determining the viability of going to hydro DWC since I am using a friends basement hard for me to monitor teaching him at same time he’s learning but not so much the science and research more the environmental control and basics lmao. When I move he wants to have few plants going for personal use nice thing is located at his place when I find the right place will be able to take my time and build my rooms from ground up :wink:

I know what you mean…I own my own home and set aside a room just for me. I have grow tents and just about everything else you can think of…
Lmao…sweeeeeet !

I have three other boarders living here and they don’t have a clue…

I bought the lounge a tree…lol
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Will be

I want a 7x14’ room will split it into a 6x7 and 8x7 the 8x7 for cloning and veg space as well as mixing nutrients and storage of media etc. the 6x7 would run dual 600w hps both with cool tubes this foot print gives me room for 9 plants in 7 gal and still room for humidifier and co2 tank. my current setup is 12x6 veg room with 400w mh and and a cfl setup for clones was on 1000w mh but was too bright for my cuttings temps ran at 70-82f humidty 35-55% now 67-77 and rh 38-59% took me a week to dial temps back into right range with fan adjustments. Flower room 5x5 1000w hps cool tube temps 66-84 the cool tube vents into veg room to keep it warm during dark cycle Rh is 35-55% and she’s tight with 9 plants have to pull some out to work in it lmao.

My two 3x3x76. I use for seedings and clone my 4x5 x76 vegging and my 76x76x76 I use for flower.
I was useing two 1000 watt hps but the house at got to be to much. So I switched to two 400 watt hps in the flower tent.
Im going to huy two hoods with air and heat control I like the 1000 watt set up nuch better for flowering.
I use the 400’s for vegging and I have four cfl’s at 300 watts with only 60 wattts used before y each bulb. I use then for seedlings and clones