Sour d losing color on tops


Definitly happy with that rate. I’m going to use cloth pots as well on my future grows as well. I’m going to germinate a fresh pair I just received from ILGM of Amensia Haze and get my next grow going. I have a 150 watt grow lamp for seedlings I use when they break soil and I’ll put them into the tent right after I harvest my present grow. All the best @ Growndaddy5589


Yup itll do you good i was having good results with the glass of water germination and the paper towel but some wouldnt survive once planted in soil or rockwool so i just bought ocean forest and bam no germ problems or planting complications either


Yeah start to finish in fox farm


So not in water first? Straight into the ff? I woulld imagine you soaked the soil pretty good till runoff to start? ya “dome” it to start?


Yeah i put some in a glass of water but those went in rockwool and the other ones went straight into ff i put em in an kept them soaked in solo cups dont need much water for that and in a super sprouter until they start their first serated leaves im sure as soon as the have the first two period u could take em out of dome


Much thanks @ Growndaddy5589, Thats what I thought. Dont have a super sprouter but I just use another clear solo cup on them till they sprout. Do you use the rock wool for hydro or can it just be placed into sooil after as is? Sorry, may be a dumb question…


I go 24 hours in 6.5 ph water then right into soil in a solo cup.


Its not a dumb question im sure u can put it in soil but i use it for hydro or cocos what ive seen alot of people use it for anything i can help you with dont think its stupid its better to get an opinion then to have to make someone elses mistake when u dont have to im not a pro but i can get you the right information if i dont know a super sprouter is just a fancy name for a dome with lights


It also comes with a heating mat which is very important if ur not putting seeds in soil i believe they need heat to pop


Thanks bud!@growdaddy and @Sixpackdad, I dont think I need a grow mat (famous last words?) Ive got my tents in a room adjacent to my boiler so no problem maintaining 75’ all the time…its a lack of humidity when its not raining here in the northeast that I have trouble with climate…looks like I have to get a humidfier to get to 40% or better while in flower on these cold dty days and I gotta do it fast…woke up this morning to hi teens for a humidity reading.
Im going to wait till I cut these down so I can get back to veg hours in the tent and start the auto. I should be harvesting second or third week of January.


I was gonna tell you if you have any happy frog at ur diposal its also good to start in an then when transplanting add the ocean forest intead of the happy frog tje happy frog does have a better nutrient mix for seedlings in but ocean forest does the job like i said thats what i use


I saw it at the gardening center. Ill get it for the solo cups. Thanks for the heads up. Any leg up on it is good for me dude!! Much appreciated…


No problem that what im here for im also going to start a YouTube channel (grogenius product research for growers) to help people find products that actually work or are worth the money because i wasted a crap load on bs when i started


I think that’s a great idea. I came here looking for the answers to questions where i probably would’ve wasted more than a few seeds on trial and error. The more info out there the better for all. I’m posting my grow just so others can get a feel for what it takes. I haven’t spent much when measured against what I’ve spent over the years for green meds to get mine going, but I think I’m going to be ahead of the game following you and everyone here. Please keep me posted and best of luck!


No problem anything you think of let me no like i said if i dont have the answer one of my fellow growers i trust will help me out were all in this together happy growing peace out