Sour D growing into LED lights. Please help

Well idk what the heck happened here. Trained them till the canopy was 70-80% full then flipped.

It’s been 5weeks since the flip and they grow atleast an inch or two every single day.

About 6 top branches have started touching the lights and burnt the leaves. I tied those down as much as I could.

But if these keep stretching, it’s gunna kill this crop?

I cannot physically get to the back side of the tent anymore.

What should I do??

Supercrop? I’d rather burn half my harvest and still have half a dank harvest, then risking a hermi?

I can’t get another screen on top, and I’m not sure what good that would do if they are just going to keep stretching…

I was going to just let the branches grow in between the light bars, and essentially guide them through, then possibly add some cfls on the top of the LeD fixture?

I’m really not sure what to do here?

Such a beautiful healthy plant, I really hope I can still get some quality buds out of this.

Please let me know ASAP

Thank you all


I would super crop the branches that are causing the issue. They look like the are early enough in flower than super cropping should be successful

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What do you think the chances of them changing sex due to the stress?

Any particular tips on how you would do this? All the tips look like they are going to hit the lights…

What do you think would happen if I just let them grow above the lights?

I appreciate your rapid response !

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Defoliate I suggested @2DeepNutrientCulture

Can you elaborate a little bit ? I’ve been taking off lower branches throughout,

Peep it

I have about 20-30 tops touching the light…

Here’s a good video on super cropping

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Or just try to bend the tops over and tie them down somehow

I bend the tops and weigh them down with string attached to a weight. I usually use rocks lol.