Sour d autos/ afghan photo/ white rhino photo and blackberry kush --- all ILGM beans

Thanks @Bulldognuts and @Covertgrower !

You’re in great hands now @oldguygettingbackin ! :nerd_face:

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ok so i ph to 5.8—6.0 water going in did a soil test before staring ph.6.4
always check. wasnt sure if cal/mag (seems to be in my untrained eye. ) have a apera ph , and a ppm meter. pokey was overwatered big. had a ghost helping me. (hence the lock on the door)

If this is a soil, you should be PHing water going in to 6.5 Your ph runoff is in acceptable range at 6.3 so continue PHing water to 6.5 But first let that soil dry out some.


ok so i put some worm poop in the humidifier last night before leaving my grow. remember the sitcom Get Smart? since the grow isn’t at my casa, i feel like i’m maxwell smart going into the phone booth to enter the secret office. kinda fun in a way.


False wall huh I like it a lot !

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i do have a bug out exit inside my room. it was already there :thinking: not sure for what

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thanks for the help.

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thanks it was a shakey start. i used mixes for the soil part that were a hybrid of 2. my bad shoud have just stuuck too 1. anyway

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i love my HPS its a good source of heat for my set-up. gotta love hps buds also

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review? what not to do. i’m looking to u for inspiration @Fiz .

thanks will do

will try to get picts. this visit. keep forgetting my phone. big improvements i think. u b the judge

Inspire? Me?? Well, you can always do what I did which is fumble around like a doofus, and accidentally grow a nice plant?

I give tons of credit to all the experienced growers for patiently and politely telling me where I was goofing up, and to A Pot For Pot b/c that made a big difference for me in my rank ignorance.

Right on :love_you_gesture:. Welcome back Brother, same here late 2020

hey now! even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. lol jk modest

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You should see my buddy, Ol’ Blind Squirrel Number One. He grew a whopping Afghan auto in a P4P and did nothing but cut her coupla times and give her water straight from the tap. Sacrilege!

This was a coupla weeks ago now.


@fiz i have stumbled my way through a few indoor grows. always seem to do ok. i pulled about 3 zips per lambs breath auto, and got about 3-4 per gold leaf phot. in a tent. hate the tent thing , think thats part of the ‘‘stumbled’’ part i think. prefer going in to the grow room. so lets see if it helps… certainly coulnt hurt

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and it was top teir bud not paramount but killer my freinds are real happy

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I don’t even have a guess as to what Lucy’s going to produce. She did win a prize in APFP’s monthly contest, so I’m going to have lots of seeds to practice on. I’m staying with autos though I do have a five pack of Gold Leaf photo.

Once I figured out what I was doing (sorta) - I think despite the size, autos are pretty easy. And their shorter lifeline gives you less time to screw up. Plus I’ll be able to do three or four grows a year and build the stash.

After that maybe I’ll see about photos. I may put one Gold Leaf outside this spring, why not, right?

My cute little girl.

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i know she won. so STOP THROWING IT IN OUR FACES!!! Sorry couldn’t resist, very nice work and dry weight i’d say 3 to 3.5 zips. i am leaning towards photo’s . ran some auto’s and not 100% sold on them. very convenient but no real control so to speak. timimg etc. Photo’s seem less finicky