Sour-D Auto Water Uptake Around Week 9

Here are my basics:

ILGM Sour-D Auto, germinated July 16 and in a single bubleponics DWC container with about 12 gallons of liquid at capacity.

For a few weeks, she was drinking at least a gallon or more a day. She has a good number of clear trichomes, some of which are starting to get that mushroomy shape. I figure we are a couple of weeks away from harvest, but I am keeping an eye on her.

There are really two questions in this post. First, is it normal for water uptake to decline precipitously at this stage? Second, she is not due for a full flush until just before harvest, but should I start only topping up with pHd water? Her current nute levels are at the top end of the range at around 1600ppm.

Thanks in advance!

Yes nearing their end, water uptake slows. A lot.

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Not sure about trichomes’ change of shape being an indicator of harvest time? I will say the color of the trichomes is what most growers use for harvest time.

Aim for about 20% amber and 80% cloudy. Get a good magnification device or a good macro camera.

Yes, you are at the upper range of nutes. Really only you can tell when to begin to bring ppms down. Once you have the trichomes where you would like, then bring numbers down to as close to zero as possible.

Keep growing!

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