Sour D Auto versus Sour D Photo

I am growing Sour D Auto from ILGM. Aside from one poorly written reddit, I can’t find any real analysis of the difference between these two strains. Will they both have the same terpene profile? Same THC/ CBD balance? Was wondering if the seed provider could shed any light on this.


I’m curious as well. As Sour D is my favorite strain however I’m pretty sure I’ve never had the auto version of the strain.

It’s a valid question but hard to give an accurate answer.
While genetics play a huge part all those thc and cbd values you see are only the best ones they have personally grown and tested.
Each growers going to experience differnt values not only from each genetic but from grow to grow as well because of so many variables.

Unfortunately the only way to really know is to get a lab to test it, pretty in convenient currently. Even in a country like Canada to get my buds tested at a lab its 40$ per sample so I don’t bother.

Although you can fall back on general rules of cannabis.

#1 autos pruduce faster
#2 autos will have a slightly higher cbd value due to their ruderalis gene
#3 a photo regular seed is going to by far the best genetic, not a fem phot but a regular photo. Their genetics are just all around better and higher thc value. They grow big strong plants.
If you know it’s the strain you want to grow consistently then grow regular photo seeds, plant a bujvh and pheno hunt selecting the best plant. Then cull the rest and turn that plant into your mother plant which then you cut clones off of.

Until you find the strain you want I suggest quick turn around autos