Sour Bubble Grow

I’m starting a Sour Bubble grow! I’m new to growing so any input/advice welcome!

48 x 48 x 80 Vivosun grow tent
6" Vivosun inline duct fan (440 CFM) and 4" x 18" Carbon filter
Mars Hydro TS3000 LED light
TrolMaster Hydro-X Environmental Control System (in transit)
Honeywell HCM350B Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier (in transit)
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
A/C , Space heater, circulation fans

I bought 10 seeds total and I germinated the 5 largest seeds (soaked in water ~24 hrs until I saw a taproot emerge.) As of this morning, all 5 have sprouted and are under a desk lamp.

Trying to keep the humidity up for them by using a fan with a wet cloth over it. (Anxious to get my humidifier, supposed to be here in 2 days.) I noticed that the humidity escapes quickly, so I’ve draped a towel over the lamp. The lamp and shade don’t seem to be getting hot enough to where I’m concerned about a fire hazard, but even so, hope that humidifier gets here soon!

I’m targeting 80-85% humidity, been babysitting them quite a bit today, trying to keep them in that range.

Once my controller is here I plan to move the seedlings to their permanent home:


Great set up! I’d put the girls in my tent at that stage.


Thank you! Good to know. Maybe I will move them in the morning then. :smiley:

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I’m going for an 18/6 light schedule for the seedlings. Unfortunately, though, I had a timer mishap this morning and they got an extra 2 hours of darkness. :confused:

Moved the little ones into the tent this morning. It was not humid out there, so I went out and got a humidifier. Humidity is up now, but if I turn on the exhaust fan (even on low) I lose the humidity. I guess I will plan on turning it on and off in bursts (more to cycle the air than control temp) (?)

I also noticed the new leaves looking wilty. I think I probably over watered yesterday. Going to be more careful today, I’ll use a toothpick to see if the soil is dry 1" down before I water next. I also poked around with a toothpick in the soil to try to aerate it a bit.


Is that Sour Bubble from BOG?

So, I bought the seeds from Pacific Seed Bank.

I’ve heard “BOG” in relation to the Sour Bubble strain a lot! I think it’s referring to who invented the strain, correct? In the future, if I’m serious about a strain, is it best practice to order the seeds from the grower that first crossed the strains?

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Yes, BOG is the creator of Sour Bubble, I grew it for years, one of my favorites, great stuff. Best to get straight from the breeder when you can but I know he send seeds to companies to sell it for him as well.

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Thanks for the info! I love Sour Bubble. Only smoked it a couple times, but it’s my favorite strain so far! :heart:

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