SOS Outdoor grow help

  • Bruce Banner & Acapulco Gold
  • Method: Soil Fox farm ocean forest/ happy frog
  • Vessels: 20 gallon fabric pots
  • PH of Water, 7.5 (only tested as of 1 week now)
  • Outdoor (northeast region)
  • beginner
    I recently purchased a hanna ph meter because in previous grows I didn’t use liquid nutrients nor test ph and plants progressed without incident and were satisfactory. This year I started from seeds instead of clones(I thought these would be hardier happier plants). They went outside on June 10 with some evident heat stress caused by a broken heater inside. So I was advised that plants needed more nutrients. I started using big bloom and grow big every other watering at 3 tablespoons per gallon and 1 tablespoon per gallon respectively. I thought the girls were looking good. They are definitely growing but now I have severe yellowing starting at bottom of AG plant. She loses a few leaves every day. And she has strange growth, sort of spiral corkscrew oddness. Apologies for the lack of proper terminology. The other two(BB) plants look okay but also have some random yellowing. I suspected nute lockout. So I tested with hanna meter. Water is 7.5 to start, 7.1 on runoff. So I flushed with ph adjusted water(ph down) of 6.5. What to do now?? Since I started with liquid nutrients they’ll be dependent on them, now? But don’t want to shock/burn them by activating all that unused fertilizer? Did the flush but it’s difficult in these pots to flush anything properly…I’m going to attach photos as I’m, still, unsure what exactly was/is the problem. Where to from here? The first 11 photos are Acapulco Gold. She started rough from the heat issue but improved greatly only to move to the current yellowing problem?
    The next nine photos are Bruce Banner, when she almost died from the heat issue(inside) to currently beautiful but not without her own issues. The yellow on her is odd, more random, not whole leaves nor does she lose any leaves. The other bruce banner plant has similar, seemingly random, yellow of few fan leaves. She is in the first photo for reference. You can see the slight yellowing on some leaves.


20200617_182618(0)|281x500 Uploading: 20200620_191545.jpg… Uploading: 20200701_104951.jpg… Uploading: 20200719_142141.jpg… Uploading: 20200719_142200.jpg… Uploading: 20200720_173942.jpg… Uploading: 20200722_192556.jpg… Uploading: 20200724_154415.jpg… Uploading: 20200725_191819.jpg… Uploading: 20200727_202914.jpg… Uploading: 20200727_202937.jpg… Uploading: 20200620_191606.jpg… Uploading: 20200720_202826.jpg… Uploading: 20200723_095430.jpg… Uploading: 20200725_191942.jpg… Uploading: 20200725_191921.jpg… Uploading: 20200727_202604.jpg… Uploading: 20200727_202920.jpg… Uploading: 20200727_202909.jpg… Uploading: 20200728_202526.jpg…

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You have to wait for the photos to finish uploading. What for a Check symbol in the right bottom.

Also if you upload just 2 or 3 at a time it’s easier for people to look at them as we don’t have to wait for them to load with a slow internet connection.

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1st of all thank you for responding…at this point should I try to edit the post? Or add photos just a couple at a time? I am not technically very savvy… But I am very concerned about these girls…

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Add photos to this post. A couple at a time.

A close up of the issue and an overall plant shot are sufficient.

It’s honestly as frustrating to try and fix this post as it is to try to remedy these plants…ugh…I do appreciate any help and apologize for the issues with my posts…

A couple photos of Acapulco gold aka biggest problem plant…the yellowing progresses to the point they look bleached of color. Again mostly the bottom leaves, falling off eventually. Now I’m watering with ph adjusted water…she also has strange corkscrew growth. The other two girls have yellowing to a lesser extent…but why ?? Literally the same parameters as last year sans liquid nutrients and from clones not seed and an average respectable harvest…I’m pulling my hair out.

Is it possible because they were grown from seeds that they are root bound? The fabric pots claim to prevent that? This is a photo of the whole plant and the yellow is mainly interior also strange swirly growth.


I do wait for the check mark to appear but I’m not sure if I can’t see the photo if it has actually Uploaded? I’m going to add a photo of the other girls and leave it at that for the moment. I have no idea what is happening.


Why do the photos upload show a check mark as though successfully and then it turns off? The check mark?

Your photos worked. Overall your plants look fine, don’t get worried, even if there is a problem its minor and no need to stress.

If it’s just some lower/older leaves, I would say thats natural. Plants “use up” leaves.

Let’s tag some other people for help.

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The plant looks fine. Let me guess, it started to get hot and you increased watering? The issue likely is a slight magnesium deficiency. The element is mobile, which means that it can be scavenged from ine part of the plant to another. This tyipically happens when we water enough to flush our soil ie water coming out the bottom of the pot.
One way to quickly repair this is a topical spray early in the morning with a teaspoon of plant grade epsom salt mixed intona gallon of water. Spray the entire plant. Repeat this once a week or until the yellowing lessens.
Do keep in mind, that we are neering the plants flowering period and older leaves should be yellowing and dropping off. Also, heat stress manifests itself in older leaves as a defense mechanism. So not to worry! All will be fine. Do be cautious of overwatering though.

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Ugh…okay… I definitely saw yellowing as the plants grew older last year but it was much farther along than right now? And there was much more uniformity to it…The Acapulco gold is not losing old leaves it is losing all of its new leaves? I realize overall they might survive. I am just trying to get better at this and it was a huge letdown for the AG especially to struggle so much. None of them have any new growth and the AG loses 10 leaves a day? And the strange burn marks at the tips of the leaves? Should I forego liquid nutrients? Big bloom and grow big in ph adjusted water. As I mentioned previously ph was not a concern but because of the issues this year I checked and it runs around 7.5? I’m now adjusting to 6.5 or 6.0 to try to compensate? But they don’t seem to care?

Thank you though to all for your time and patience with a newbie… Last year I didn’t harvest until November and I didn’t get natural old plants yellowing until September?

I’m not trying to create a problem here but something is awry? To the above questioner I would answer that my watering schedule didn’t change or become modified by the heat wave? I give them each about 5 gallons of water every other day. And I never tested my ph until 2 weeks ago. It is slightly high at 7.5 to 8.2 straight outta my tap water. I assumed (terrible idea) since the previous crop of plants proved impervious to the issue that these would be also? I was wrong because there is certainly some sort of deficiency occurring? This looks very unusual, and and unnatural compared to the way they turn yellow at the end of their life? The AG has had no new growth in weeks? Just more and more pale. So should I continue with liquid nutrients? Are the Mark’s on some of the leaf edges caused by nutrient burn? If not that than why?