Sorry, no reply

Well, found my first complaint, for your awesome site. Why would you cut me off from replying, in a thread I started. Now, those guys probably think I’m rude, for not answering. Other than that, I am more than pleased.


It’s not them cutting you off, when did you join this fourm? It takes a little bit of reading and replying before you move up in trust levels


Yes that is right. You have to make some friendly posts and I believe 20 minutes of reading time for us to determine that you are not a bot a spammer, or a troll.

No worries; Keep enjoying the site and your permissions and permissions s will increase :slight_smile:
Welcome to ILGM


No one is gonna think you are rude, it’s nothin personal it is a fail safe to protect the site from spammers and bots.


@Uncleb you need to build cred. Read some more other posts/ topics. Spread some love by liking others posts and you will be off probation before you know it.


What @bob31 and @latewood and @Hawkeye_diesel said.
I thought the same thing when I had to wait a a bit to post replies and give likes after I first joined. It’s all good.

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Yeah, I realize that. It says, I can reply again, in 15 hrs. I was just complaining. Because I wanted to continue the discussion. No big deal, I ain’t going nowhere.