The wierd plant strikes again!! Today I think I’m seeing male parts on it

Uploading: 977D5D56-840C-4811-8D08-EECEB981445A.jpeg… :frowning: I’m a newbie so I’m hoping I’m wrong.
Is this a hermie?

Last photo, the upside down one looks possible. Just keep an eye out, here is a pic for reference.

They seem more stacked up on mine. Can I put it back in with the others? What a relief I was nervous thinking I was losing her after all this time.


A couple more pics just for my comfort level.

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There may be some balls in there but I don’t see them. what I see are swollen calyx which is a great sign.

If you upload a single photo per post folks will be able to zoom in and see better what is going on.

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I don’t see balls.

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Im no expert but that plant does not have pollen sacks. Its a weird one though for sure. The bracts are so far apart.

I have one amnesia haze auto that looked kinda like that I got told it was fox tailing here is a pic of it last week

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That’s awesome looking mine does not have tops at all just these from bottom to top

I just dropped a Amnesia Haze going in paper towel today along with a Rhino Ryder and Seemango one of each

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Yeah I can’t wait to try the amnesia haze auto I have 4 different plants of it and they all look different but smell the same lol I have one that is beautiful tho I’ll take pic and post

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Worse comes to worse I can harvest trichomes at least. I’m hoping it fattens up but well see

I agree with @merlin44. I just see oddly stacked calyx’s. Kinda looks normal for a ruderalis @Carol4486

@Watt-Sun thank you that pic is just what I needed to see. Do you know if it will bulk up?

I don’t have any experience with ruderalis . But if I had to guess I’d say yes. How long into flower are you? @Carol4486

@Watt-Sun 8 weeks into flower total 12 out of soil. The other two I got are being harvested now and next couple weeks

They say the last 2 weeks are when they pack it on so…guess were going to see :grin::crossed_fingers:

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If I can take it that long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: