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I have two 1,000 watt FS and one 3,000 watt FS LED lights . Will that support eight plants in a 4 x 8 tent ?

1 tsp per gallon of water dissolved. Or cal-mag supplement. If it is a mag

Need more information on lights. I’m not familiar with this brand. If possible post pic of lights or list more specific features of lights.

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I’ll go out on a limb and say the FS stands for full spectrum lol I may be wrong though. And chances are they are probably false advertised


When the online listing says 1000watts they are usually talking about the max wattage capable from the LEDs in the setup. Look closer in the listing and there is usually a max draw wattage listed. For a 1000watt led the max wattage is usually something like 200watts or less. That’s still a lot of light just not what you thought I’m sure
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