Sorry... didn't pay attention

I got about 10 seeds from a recent auto flower plant.

Are these seeds going to be male and female or automatically hermie type?

Should I pitch them in the trash?

Thanks In advance. Of all the threads I, 'be read on here, I should have remembered what the answer was.

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Pretty sure it depends on how it was pollinated. If it was a hermie and pollinated itself the odds are the seeds will produce hermies. If another plant pollinated it they’re probably just regular seeds that can produce male or female plants.


Feminized auto i assume and i assume it was a self pollination but correct me if im wrong.
If this is then there is a chance they will hermi but its not necessary very high.
They should absolutely be Feminized seeds and autoflower.

Now if its possible it was pollinated from a photo that was hermi it still has a chance of hermi and could be either photo or auto.

People will say don’t grow them because they will hermi.
But literally all Feminized seeds are made with hermi pollination.
A female plant is forced to grow male parts and that pollen is used to pollinate a female plant.
Breeders cross and back breed to help stabilize them but the gene is alway there and can show itself…

Up to you, grow them and no to watch them and they could make seeds or it could be some of the best smoke ever also :man_shrugging:


Fem seeds are made by forcing a normal female to produce male flowers through chemical means usually but can be done with stress. .
So it’s completely possible that your plant was not technically a hermaphrodite and this would make them basic feminized autoflower seeds.

We all say every time we see a ball sack "my plant hermied " but thats isn’t politically correct.
A few nanners sticking out of a female flower can make seeds as it just takes one.
But from my experience, I’ve had many nanners sticking out of female flowers over the grows but i believe I’ve only had one true hermaphrodite and it was actually male flowers mixed in over entire branches.
There was no missing it…
Just thought I’d elaborate on the “fem seeds come from hermi” statement i made because that is kinda misleading :man_facepalming:


I have had both results. Good plants and genetically predisposed hermies. Bag seed. Seeds from self pollination"hermie" with obviously male sacks. I have planted both. Hermie 3 outa 10. Male 4 outa 10. 3 blazingly strong females. That was a 10 seed planting.Just dont know till grow them. If have the room pop 3 or so and see where they go.


@Storm @Outlaw @1HappyPappy

Your responses are incredibly interesting and very insightful!!

Two last questions:

  1. Some of these 10 seeds are green and some are brown. I assume the brown are more mature…is this a valid assumption?

  2. Since my plant was a total goofball with cotton candy like colas and buds, will the offspring from her seeds also be a mutant?


Brown mature. Green trash. Never know its traits till grow them. Worth a shot in my opinion. If male pull. If hermie pull.


Storm nailed it.

But that thing is crazy looking.
What size pots it in for size reference?
Trying figure out how big it is.
Is that the one that gave you the seeds?
If so what the buds look like at the end? Hopefully huge!

I’m just a sucker for mutants :grin: i got a little varigation going on with this IlGM Bruce Banner auto.

She looks sad in the picture buts its lights out but she prays whem lights on :blush:

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The pot was 3 gal and the plant was"normal" size for an auto. Yes this one gave me 10 seeds. Only 4 are brown so like someone told me, only this 4 have a chance.

The buds were micro sized because this strange plant had every bud on it’s own stalk. Think veined fanned coral.

Biggest bud was only the size of my thumbnail

So im confused :thinking:
They never got any biger?
How long was it in flower?

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That’s the strangest thing I’ve seen yet. Oddly pretty plant though, and perfect for a single bong hit per bud it looks like.

And could she pass on that odd mutation? Yup, absolutely.

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The buds grew… But were so far spaced apart, nothing ever connected. Not even enough to form a popcorn bud.

Here’s a picture of the dried “buds”

And yes, I did take one for the team and wet trimmed all of that mess.


Holy crap man that is a bad mutations :disappointed:


Yes. I grew it out due to curiosity.

I think the genetic sequence of stem/bud/fan leaf process was out of order.

Flower time was only 5 weeks


I would have to :rofl:

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How does it smoke?

Too much sativa and THC for my liking but otherwise normal

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