Soreness in chest from home grown


To give myself a break I’ve been making gummies with the magic butter machine and OMG do they pack a punch lol


Probably will try plain water for the last 2 weeks this time unless we come up with something different here. Thanks everyone for your input.


When you flush you should do with only water. Use flawless finish then flush with just water nothing else.


I grew six different strains last summer and the Blue Cheese is by far the gentlest to smoke, I can hardly smoke the others. I have to vape them. All were grown the same. Strains are all different.


Why is it that some people say flushing at the end is necessary and others say that it is a myth and the chemical taste is all in the cure. I’m still up in the air about it because so many people swear by it. But once the plant intakes any chemicals into its structure a simple plain water flush isnt going to draw them out. That’s just plant science.


the trick is to finish how you want…lol
i do not really flush i just water about three times in a row then whack em’ down…


I definitely think you should do what you think is best for your plants, yourself, and your consumers. I am just stuck in between reading all of the testimonials like wtf do I do lol. I guess I have 2 plants about to harvest I can test it out on and see whats up myself. that would probably be the best way to decide for myself.