Soreness in chest from home grown


Has anyone else had a soreness in their chest after smoking their home grown? Or any of your customers? I ask because me and one of my customers has had a sore chest here lately and after I ran out my customer went back to street weed and his chest got better.


yours must be :fire:


Lol, may be. It was the California Dreams


Your not leaving allot of fertilizer in the plant are you? Fertilizer contains phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is a pleasant little chemical found in the likes of Drano and other household chemicals…You definitely don’t wanna smoke it


2 weeks before I cut her down I give plain water with flawless finish by advanced nutrients


You might also be heavy on the nutrients towards the end of the grow and not getting a proper flush… which usually isn’t necessary if your not heavy on the nutrients… just a thought… :wink:



There are a number of reasons that it has caused you discomfort. Improper flushing of the nutrients could be one of them. It’s hard to say, not knowing your methods.


Previously I was using growth science nutes as directed until2 weeks before harvest. Then I would do plain water with flawless finish by advanced nutrients. I’ve never done a standard flush.


I also think drying weed too fst can cause harsh weed. Length of drying time. Did you take any curing time?


I hang dried for week and half to 2 weeks then trimmed and bag dried for a few days then went to jars for a week burping them every day. The buds had a good taste and a smooth hit so I thought they were good to go


I wonder if Flawless Finish is the problem? Maybe you should try just plain water.


I recently grew some White Widow. I flushed for 2 weeks before cutting and dried it at around 68F for about 7 days. then cured it in mason jars for 3 weeks and it is also very harsh. I too am not happy with my finished product. So this may be a good learning thread.


Possibly. From what research I did its supposed to be an alternative to drowning your plant in a standard flush


I flushed with plain water.


What’s odd is it smoked smooth. It wasn’t until we had smoked through the 7 ounces we developed soreness


Thats a lot of smoke. lol Mine doesn’t smoke smooth at all.


This round I have strawberry cough and NYC Diesel and I’m using flower power. Which seems to be hotter than the old nutes


Strawberry Cough will make you cough a lot. From what i have read. Lol


My first grow I didn’t cure right and my buds had a green bite to them but I smoked them anyway. However I don’t remember getting a sore chest. So y’alls guess is as good as mine lol


I am in the process of doing another batch of White Widow and Some Blue Cheese. I will also be trying other nute methods.