Sorceress’ odd questions and musings

So this is a grow journal, sort of. And every once in a while, I have odd questions or thoughts, so here’s the place I’m gonna stick em.

My last grow was ILGM, Northern Lights, and while I got her to the finish, she struggled. I got busy with other things and did not pay enough attention to her. Totally my fault.
I bagged up about an ounce and a half, and I started curing it about two weeks ago. I snuck a little taste last night, and even though she was light and larfy, she still gave quite a high. So all was not lost.

I just started cooking up some new organic soil today. I’m trying to use up the last of the Earth Dust I have and then I’m going to switch over to Roadside Organics.

This time around I’m trying some new seeds from Ethos, Super Lemon Haze auto. So this will be fun.

Tagging some folks, I know and respect. I’ll probably forget people and add more later.
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How about some details about your grow. Lighting, pot size, temperature and humidity etc.

Based on the picture you may need more light.


Growing organic. Pot size is 5 gallons. The seedling will be in FF potting soil, and the 5 gallon pot is a mixture of both potting soil and ocean forest. With Earth Dust base, of course.

Not too worried about temp and humidity right now because I’m just cooking soil. But for reference current temp is 79 humidity is 50.

Light is the HLG Diablo 200. Haven’t had a problem with light yet. I normally grow just one plant at a time.

Thanks for asking!


Excited to see how this grow goes ive personally been wanting to grow some Ethos gear cant wait till the beans gets dropped and sprouts!! Ill be following also did you re use your last batch of soil or replace with fresh soil?


I didn’t reuse soil this time. If I don’t have a successful grow (in my opinion) I don’t reuse the soil. Just start fresh with things that are known.
And I just read in @MeEasy journal that he’s seen lower yields with his no-till…. So I’m not so sure about the reuse idea all together….

Oh I forgot one new thing I’m trying!
I’m tired of the Calcium deficiency with FF, so I was going to try a veg garden trick and add egg shells to the pot. But I read here, maybe it was @MidwestGuy that said not to bother because they don’t breakdown fast enough. So instead I dried them in the oven for 15 min and then ran them through my coffee grinder to a fine powder. That should be as broken down as much as any other amendment I’m using in the soil. I’m super interested if this works.


I am set to watch and participate! You make good observations that we can all learn from.

This year my reused, re-amended soil was better than ever but I also added about 1/3 new organic soil, microbes, pine powder, and ironite.

I have 11 strains and it is interesting how each strain has different deficiencies with the same soil and feeds.


I have seen your grows on your forum. You’re pretty modest.

After seeing your outdoor grows anxious to see how outdoor grow will work in Ohio.


I believe @MeEasy conclusions came from no till not remixing but thats no problem starting fresh haha and good thinking with the eggshells in the coffee grinder as the finer the material the quicker it will break down you can also look into eggshell WCA its a fermentation process that breaks down the egg shells and extracts the calcium and makes it bio available for the plants if you enjoy organics id recommend looking into Jadam natural farming and KNF Korean Natural Farming it basically teaches you how to live off the land and create fertilizers organicly without breaking the bank its great material and cannabis growers can benefit alot from it if you have the patience to make the ferments


Happy cake day @LiesGrows!!


Thanks for the tag @Sorceress! I’m set to watching. I’ll be in the back of the class LOL


Thanks Cali wow 3yrs already times flys!!


Welcome @Caligurl I tagged you because I too believe these plants are medicine and are sacred. Here’s a photo of Ethos Super Lemon Haze, soaking on my altar. Putting in all the good vibes.

Welcome @LoudDream
I’m not sure I’ve posted anything about outdoor grows here yet. Maybe you’re thinking of someone else? I’ll take the compliment anyway. :wink:

And happy cake day @LiesGrows. Thanks for the info about the natural farming methods. I have the patience for ferments. I make my own kimchi and kombucha, so I’ll definitely look into this!!!


Thanks!! And if you make Kimchi and kombucha then this is rite up your alley lol


First Photo plants I grew- White Widow. Can not believe how big the buds get like jurassic Park compared to autos. Gaia Green reused soil added 1/3 worm castings 7 gallon pots. Definitely grow some more, been hesitant growing photos with light change vs autos. OMG -those photos get BIG.
Storm- thanks for the read in dark tent tip- dumbed that down real good for me.

MeEasy - all ready sit back and watch your auto grow!!!

Thanks all

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