Sophmore Jinx GSCs?

Just Dropped 5 Girl Scout Cookie Extreme and 3 Cherry Pie Seeds that i got out of a Mixed Pack from ILGM into some spring water. There are 2 Cherry Pie and 5 Candy Kush seeds left in the mixed pack and i think i’ll save those for an outdoor grow sometime.

This is my 2nd Grow and Im very excited to put to use all of the Knowledge Ive gained and Hopefully gain some more from you folks following here.

Tap Root Porn coming shortly :wink:


Ok so moved these young ladies to solo cups this afternoon. The cherry pie seeds took it seriously as you’ll see in the pic sporting some sexy tap roots. The GSCEs didn’t do near as well, we will see if they all take. If not I’ve got more cherry pie then the candy cush seeds as back up.

Planted in the solo cups with some DYNOMYCO.
Rocking 2x T8 20w lights on the humidity some.
Planning to have them in the dome for 2wks

Oh the soil is Foxfarm Ocean btw.

Well that Bad news is I had an issue with the seed mat.
Temps well exceeded 120 degrees I think for a couple days in the humidity dome. Trying to save the only two that popped thru…but the good news is I had more seeds on hand none of which were GSCs which gives me the sads but we will push forward.

Have some Grand Daddy Purps and Candy Kush to add to the mix so those will be rocking the humidity dome asap

They are coming right along in the humidity dome where they will spend their first two weeks before going into 1 gallon smart pots and moving to the veg tent.

Today was 2 weeks in the humidity dome. The lady’s were repotted into 1 gal smart pots where they will have a short stint of a week or so before going into their final 7 gal homes.

So after repotting to the one gallons. There are to seeds that made it thru the heat mat debacle.

These two after the repotting and watering 2 days ago would not stand up on their own Even tho they had appeared to be doing well in the dome.

I tried to use the straw method to prop them up over the last couple days, it was alot like trying to prop up a dead body in a corner. I need at least one of them to make it as I’m looking to do an eight plant scrog. Otherwise gonna be a longer veg.

This morning tho after feeding they are standing on their own again. Good news!