Soo strong .. slow down big guy-weaker bud suggestions or?

OK so wasnt sure where to put this so I’m putting it here. Got me some WW fem. Could not be happier with the results from IGLM and forum help thank you thank you to the max!

BUT wow it’s potent strong one hit wonders for me 2 hits and im LiT :dizzy_face: Made brownies and cookies with canna butter and it hits me like a mac truck 6+ hours strong high on one cookie or brownie. Last batch was1/8 oz per stick of butter. I’m going to try again 4th try and will be using 1/16th of a OZ for stick of butter.

Should I be looking for a weaker strain? or Im doing something very wrong lol.


You may be the first person who asks if you did something wrong getting strong bud :yum: Just messing with you. I would say that over time you will get use to it but if you want bud that is less powerful a different strain may be what your looking for.


That is so great to hear. I myself have become a big fan of the quality and potency. Robert’s Gold Leaf is a perfect example of the extremely strong genetics offered at ILGM :smiley:

Happy Growing

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I love my gold leaf and its vigor in growing - with that said my bud production is slower than the rest - is this normal? its sitting beside some blue dream and JH and GSCX and AFG