Sometimes ya just gotta LAUGH!

Put this in the "indoor harvest section but I’m also a beginner. After I harvested 5 White Widow CBD’s I had a lot of small buds and kept a separate pile of the sugar leaves and really, really small buds. I’m not very good at trimming yet. One day I thought I would take a big cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil and put it on the deck railing to dry. I went out after an hour and discovered the foil blew off the pan and landed upside down in the garden. The garden that is full of mulch. I scooped up handfuls and for the next 4 days picked mulch out of the harvest. It was like picking fly shit out of pepper. It dried out nicely so I ground it fine and thought I would decarboxylate it for oils, cooking, etc. I do a lot of Sous Vide cooking so this would be great, no smell. It fit in a smaller zip lock but to be safe I put that into a larger zip lock that I always cook in. Double bagged! IT LEAKED! Here is a pic.

Once this dries, who knows how long, I’ll make some stuff. I got to tell you, growing pot is a hurry up and wait game, especially if things go sideways. (I’m still having a blast)!


All that really matters


I’m at a funny point in growing… I’m currently growing from all bag seeds other than a freebie from a seed bank and I’m trying to learn from my own hands on experience what works for me, but also at the same time, since I have no money invested in the seeds I’m experimenting with some of my plants. One of my autos basically turned into a bonsai. If I get 2 zips off her, I’ll be lucky, but I LOVE her! She’s so pretty and neat looking.

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