Something's Brewing

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know we’re working on something new and awesome! (if I may say so myself)
I’m not yet going to throw it at you but the fans out there will know what’s brewing when I show this:


More to come :smiley:


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Nice looks like clothing is comming out

Awesome I love what your doing @ILGM.Roy great idea, makes things a little more organized and I like the idea of the new mixpacks you’ve created


Me too looks like some new mix packs comin and maybe some cool tees. Cant wait!!

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Hi guys, indeed these are new mixpack combo’s!

You can find them all available over here:

Let me know your thoughts



Am liking the selections… Am not so fond of the massive price hikes… But I will still probably get some when the time comes…

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@ILGM.Roy the site looks awesome :sunglasses:

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is this clothing line or new organization of flavors!!! :ice_cream:

I gotta admit, this is cool

Nice mix combos . Very nice !

It’s the new organization of mixpack flavors :smiley:

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Woohoo Roy
Love the new mix packs and the site looks great
Grabs you as soon as the page loads :+1:

OK Roy. What is it?

I just now am finding several emails in this box.
Just trying to streamline our correspondence. Roger