Something wrong with my babies?


Hey guys, long time viewer first time poster.

I would really love to read at what the community has to say about my autos.

Strain: Northern Light Auto
Weeks: week 12
Soil: DNA with cork
Water: ph6
No nutrients
Lights: QB260

It seems like its growing new white pistils every day and its close to harvest day, however the inside they are brown already :confused:

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks fellow growers :slight_smile:
happy growings


Something waaay wrong. Poor little plants…:scream::sleepy:


Either PH is way off…OR… the soil has massive hot load of nutes.

What is your PH meter saying?


@tanlover442 took the words out of my mouth


they dont seem poor little plants to me… they are drinking like crazy, producing big colas, and smelling beautiful… so why say that? just cause they are yellow? it has been all green and lovely until this week 12 and nothing was changed

ph is at 6.3…i know that its probably a nut deficiency, but it should be at the end of her life soon right? is it a hugeee problem? should i just harvest it now?


Are the leafs crunchy


yep the bottom are for sure, the top most ones are crunchy at the tips but still smooth at the body :confused:


As far along as you are I wouldn’t worry about it it’s a nute def - ph it’s not normal


probably just wait it out then the full 12 weeks, i guess and see how shes doing, hopefully the top pistils will have turn brown by then :smiley:


My friend…those leaves are not yellow because of old age and time to die.
The color and condition of the leaves: wrinkled, brown at tips, curled over, way off color.

The natural color of a healthy dying leaf is slowly going pale yellow till it falls off.
The leaf will not be wrinkled, browned or curled over.

No offense intended. We get pretty plain spoken around here. It’s a good way to learn and make each grow better. good luck


I have had this issue before and it’s a ph- nute issue definitely not normal but not a lot you can do at this stage because it turns and happens fast and when it’s that far along you live and learn but you will have good meds from what you have going :wink: let it finish off


I would think about harvest that plant, if I were in your place


I agree will all of the above
We all live and learn
And Hopefully we pass along enough knowledge to each other to help others from making the same silly mistakes

Next grow start a journal so we can follow along and help if needed :wink:


Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of reply been real busy with work… however i would like to update as i eventually found out what the problem was…

So i just harvested my plants yesterday and what do i find?! THRIPS! Those tiny mf were all over… i have no idea how i missed them, i check on my babies up close every night :(… anyways all was not lost, still harvested some nice medicine (with probably some thrip poop mixed in ;)) and those little buggers are dying and falling off as i type this :smiley:

To conclude: if you having the same issue and you know ph or nutes is defo not the problem… really check deep for Thrips… do not let them get out of control like i did…

To everyone that respondes. I greatly appreciate.

Happy growings


call in a Priest next time:face_with_monocle: