Something very different is going on here

I ran a Viparspectra PAR600 Light and she grew big plants. And it’s power draw from the wall was around 270 watts. I ran all 3 switches that was on it.

So my mind doesn’t compute your small plants at 11 weeks. I’m trying to help figure out the problem.

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First, Welcome to ILGM forum. You have what is called Amazon blurbles. Understand no one is being critical of that fact. You’ll find many people on forum that made the same mistake. These lights are very deceptive about their ability. They will grow cannabis but you’ll find that they won’t give you proper growth and your buds will be lacking in density and weight. If you are interested in upgrading you’re in the best place to get advice and guidance. I believe you have some nutrient burn. I don’t grow in Coco, but many on forum does who will be able to help.


@AngryKitten I did notice you had white specs on many leaves. The blurple light also help show it. Do you know what was going on?

Welcome @AngryKitten, these light manufacturers are thieves and should be arrested for false advertising and purposely misleading customers.
There is no possible way a single fixture plugged into a 15 amp 120v circuit can output 2000 watts. The math would prove that amps x volts equals watts therefore 15 x 120 is 1800 watts. Now even the most efficient LED lights in the world will sacrifice a fair chunk of that power to heat. I strongly suggest that you, and anyone interested in growing plants of any sort, do some research before you throw your hard earned cash down for a lighting fixture.
@dbrn32 seems to be the go to guy for all things bright and shiny around here.
I hope this hasn’t deterred you from growing with us, and I wish you all the best.


@Cannabian When I bought my Viparspectra PAR600 I didn’t pay attention when they said it was 600 watts. I went by the around 274 watts from the wall. I knew it wasn’t gonna be the best light but when I bought all my gear, I had limited funds. Of course I had no idea about HLG then since I wasn’t a member of any grow forum.

I’d still grow with a Viparspectra but I’d go with their top of the line lights. You saw my Blue Dream with the 19” cola and this was under this light.

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Same thing here @MrPeat my first grow was with 2 450w Viparspectra’s. They overall did a OK job. Buds actually looked good. They were fluffy and light though. I still use them for seedlings and early veg.


@Bulldognuts Doesn’t those only have two light switches you can turn on? The PAR600 has 3 switches and I ran all 3 from start to finish. My Blue Dream was my real successful grow at 3.32 z’s dried and cured. This is the same light that help grow my GSC Beast for almost 4 months when I switched to HLG’s and she was fully loaded when I did switch. She was my most successful grow at 8 z’s dried, cured and stems removed.


Yes they have veg and bloom switches. It was my first grow and I didn’t know anything. Probably could have had lights closer during Flower. May have helped with density.


I thought it only had 2 switches. I’m glad I went with the PAR600 with 3 switches. Don’t get me wrong they do make decent lights. If I would have grown only 1 plant I know they would have produced nice buds.


@MrPeat what is HLG I’m a little on the lost side when it comes to lights.

It’s the Horticulture Lighting Group. I own 2 HLG 260xl Rspec. It’s like having the Sun in your tent.

These are the HLG lights and I don’t have them on full power…maybe at 60%.

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Ahh gotcha. Yeah I e looked at their lights not bad lights, little out my price range though cuz I’m moving mine outside as well,

@MrPeat the white specks are from the hard water being put in the humidifier the steam gets pulled through the fan and the lime scal builds up and slowly blows around

How would this light Do? I could not find the one you suggested @MrPeat

@dbrn32 Do you have any suggestions on what I can move to? I do have a G8 900w

I want a great Light to Veg and a perfect one to flower The G8 is sold with a 90w bloom booster is that needed if I use the G8 to flower?

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This is a good light, too. It only flowers a 2x2 space, though it will veg 3x3

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How large is your grow space?

I have a 4x3x6 Veg tent
and a 4x4x6.5 to flower

Go with 2 260xl kits if you want qb’s.

A single 260xl kit will veg this.

Or you could do equivalent in 135 kits.


what is Qb’s?

Lights posted above

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