Something Seems Wrong

Guys I don’t know, I may be paranoid, but this doesn’t look right lol. It’s a 16 day old dream berry auto.

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Looks a bit rough but it’s still green!

Probably just a mutant. I’d bet it’ll grow out of it and be a perfectly fine plant but I don’t know much we should wait on other opinions


Haha silver lining. I hope she grows out of it too.

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What’s your medium/ soil and are you declorinating your water

It’s in some store bought potting soil with extra perlite added for drainage. The water comes straight from a well, I live in the country.

Do you measure the ph or run off water?

And does the soil say anything about time release nutrients or promotes blooming?

I do check ph before feeding. Should I be checking run off as well?

It’s important to measure run off water too for tds (total dissolved solids) which is measured in ppm (parts per million)

Your readings will help diagnose problems

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Well water is also notoriously high in unknown ppm that little rusty brown hinted at either chlorine poisoning but more likely your well water has to much iron in it


Is distilled an option?

I would believe too much iron.

It might have to be. I was hoping not to add the cost.

Set up some buckets or totes to catch rainfall and use distilled in the meantime

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That’s a great idea, thank you :grinning:

I’m not on well water but had some early issues with my tap water.

RO Buddie has been my best friend. Only about $50 on Amazon.

Fair amount of waste water but it gives me a gallon of clean RO water per 12 minutes.

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I’m going to check it out, thanks!

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If you go down that road just keep in mind you’re ending up with very low PPM water, you’ll want to add 3ml of CalMag per gallon even if not adding other nutes. :+1:

It’s overwatered. Slack up and only water after u stick your finger into the soil and it feels dry. Try that and see if it makes a difference.

The dark black on top of the soil in the pic, is that Manure? If so it’s too hot as well.

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Any specific calmag best?

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This is what I’ve been using: