Something is wrong I just don't know what

This is my first post so if I’m in the wrong spot I apologise ahead of time. I’ll include as much info as possible and hopefully my spelling isn’t too bad either.

  • What strain, Hindu Kush Autoflower from GCS
  • Method: Soil, specifically FFOF
  • Vessels: 5 gallon buckets w/ drainage holes drilled into the bottom
  • PH: all water is pH’ed to 6.4-6.7 going in runoff is within the same range
  • PPM/TDS or EC: I’ve never tested it
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoors
  • Light system: LED (SF1000)
  • Temps; 72-75 f Day, 68-70 f Night
  • Humidity; 50-55% Rh Day, 50-58% Rh Night
  • Ventilation system; No carbon filters or anything just some fans to keep air movement
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: constantly running a Humidifier it’s winter time here so the natural gas heaters in the house dry out the air quickly.
  • Co2; No

This is an Autoflower that broke soil December 9th and stopped stretching and finished crowning around January 28th. About 3 weeks ago I got what I assumed was a calmag deficiency. So I gave her a half strength foliar feeding of “Sensi Calmag Xtra” and then 2 days later (when she needed a watering) another half strength dose watered into the soil. Now she’s rolling her tips up, so… she’s really mad about something… I thought nutrient burn or pH was off in the soil but I haven’t fed any bottled nutes (other than the calmag) and a slurry test says soil pH is 6.58 while run off says around 6.46.

Those pictures are from February 20th. I’ve ran the FFOF before with some added perlite and not had to add nutrients (albeit with photoperiods so they did get up-potted before flower) are these plants just hungry.? Here’s a few from the other day.


With no nutes being added and the FFOF is probably getting depleted of nutes at this point, I’d say she’s a bit hungry. I’d feed her some complete bloom nutes so she doesn’t keep yellowing and showing other deficiencies as it’s a little early for that. Also I don’t like spraying that late in flower so I’d just add the calmag to the watering regimen and don’t spray with lights on or right before lights come on.


Early flower and needs a little boost, I Echo Community member.

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You plants look great. Nice work.

The curled up tips do certainly look like classic nute burn. I would sample the TDS of the water runoff to give you an indication .

Good luck!

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Shes so pretty

Since your pH is in range, most likely you need to add some bloom food. Check your soil ppms first. As for the tips, could be from the foliar, could be your light, could be a deficiency.

The buds look very nice. You want to add some nutes to keep em that way. Not much, because she probably has less than a month or so left. Something with Potassium, for sure.

Also, time to start allowing your humidity to drop. As the buds fatten up, you can let the rh fall into the 40’s or even lower. It helps prevent mold, plus encourages your plant to develop more trichs.