Something is topping my plants

Can anyone tell me what to be treating my outdoor grow with? Something is chewing threw the top new growth of my plants and leaving the tops to fall to the ground. Overlook the white powdery spots in the picture, that is diatomaceous earth that I used to dust my plants.

I would think a squirrel or something like that would cause that damage. Have they been digging around your plants? Are your plants beside a fence or something they could climb to reach the tops?

If so, you could probably get some unsalted peanuts in the shell and put a little pile every morning in another area away from your plants. Cats help keep them away, too.:slight_smile:

Use Irish spring soap cut up around the plant. Use captain jacks deadbug from seed to harvest, neem oil for just veg. The Irish spring soap will keep the deer away and stop using de on top of the plant, because I used to do it. It clogs up the plant you can mix it in water and spray it so when it dries it will be better but if you use neem and captain jacks you won’t have to use it. I use de now around the base it keeps the snails and stuff off of it.

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Our biggest thing around here are the rabbits. Oh the rabbits.

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I’ve never really had a problem with rabbits. Shoot em if u see em. Great source of protein


A pissed off pigeon
A retaliating raccoon
A sabotaging squirrel

Whatever it is would be my next target practice.


Maybe drive some T-posts in the ground and cage it in with some chicken wire.
Probably wouldn’t hurt to piss around it.
Little extra N…


For me it’s usually deer. They love munching tops in veg but thankfully i’ve never had one eat a flowering top

I would happily shoot a deer if it was in season and I had tags. Also if I knew what the hell I was doing when it came to cleaning it. I’ll Say this much, they are friggin delicious. I didn’t grow up in a family that hunts so I never learned but I did have a lot of friends who did and were generous sharing their meat. Mmmmmmmm Bambi


Not a big animal, that has been ruled out as this is in a fenced in area. It’s around a sweet corn patch and thinking maybe some type of worm? Kind of a pain in the guessing game.

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A old organic grower once told me if you spread blood meal around the plants small animals like rabbits and squirrels don’t like the smell of blood and will stay away

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I bet it’s a squirrel. Those little guys planted peanuts in mine and now I’m growing peanuts too


I dont really hunt much, but I cut up all my friends deer. YouTube it its not too hard. Skin, quarter then take your cuts. Just don’t mess up on the backstrap.


Look for caterpillars, they’re hard to see as they look like a branch. I’ve been finding these green beetles hiding in the new growth areas. Pick and squish.

Thank you. That seems to be my thought. Found two more this morning laying on the ground. Kind of disheartening to see this happening and not be able to find a solid answer. I’ve searched the plants over and other than a few spider mites on one plant which I’ve been battling I cant find anything that stands out to the naked eyes. Oh the Joy’s of gardening.:grin:

I had a fun conversation with the guy at my local agway today

I went in looking to buy liquid fence which I’ve had some great success with deterring animals with that junk over the years. He asked me what animal I was trying to Detar and when I told him it was a groundhog he said that liquid fence is not rated for groundhogs and he doesn’t think it will actually work.

So silly me I asked him what he would do and he came up with the first answer that I came up with which was use a have a heart trap and then throw the trap in a lake once you catch them. Interestingly this is how the state of Vermont recommends trapping in disposing of nuisance animals. You’re not allowed to actually transport them anywhere once they’ve been trapped otherwise you’re just bringing the nuisance to someone else. If you trapped one you are allowed to drive it to a body of water where you can drown it. I love Sensible solutions

The secret backhand tip he gave me was to just go buy some bubblegum. Apparently groundhogs love the taste of bubblegum and it gets stuck in their digestive tract and they die


worms, use CAPTAIN JACKS

If $$ have a few bucks get a trail camera and set it up. For just a few dollars that have night vision and motion activated. The answer might surprise ya.

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Are you finding any shallow treches or anything like that?

I love my UV flashlight! Worms and caterpillars glow green so they are much easier to see and remove. It’s easier to regularly spray a preventative solution than deal with an infestation. :frowning: I hope your ladies recover and the damage stops!